Calling all chefs! I have a very exciting opportunity for you that will challenge you in a way that no kitchen has before.

Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry campaign works every day to end child hunger in America by ensuring all children get the healthy food they need, every day. For nearly 30 years chefs and restaurants have served as the most ardent supporters, raising millions to help end child hunger in America. And this year, they need your help in a quite unique way. Yes Chefs, I’m talking to you! This Summer,  the No Kid Hungry Campaign is bringing all of those passionate about food together to support their cause from the saddle of a bicycle. No Kid Hungry is asking you to get on your bike for three days to raise awareness and funds to support the end of child hunger.

Bike for No Kid Hungry Campaign

This event is the first of its kind and it is guaranteed to be huge, you do not want to miss out! Everyone in the industry is invited to get involved- Chefs, managers, owners, etc. There will be an East Coast ride (June 7-9) from New York City to Washington DC, and a West Coast ride (June 14-16) from Santa Barbara to San Diego, CA. Each rider commits to a fundraising goal: $10,000. That may sound like a lot, and you’re right, that is a whole lot of impact. 100,000 meals for kids at risk of hunger, to be exact. But seriously, do not let that number turn you off because once you commit to riding, No Kid Hungry will support you and help you reach that goal! Therefore, the sooner you commit, the more time you’ll have to raise your funds!

Feeling inspired? Wonderful! Take that inspiration and passion for food and spread it across America for a good cause. There are already some big names in the industry currently training for the ride and raising their funds. Look out for Johan Kim of Yona, Seamus Mullen of Tertulia, Todd Gray of Equinox on the east coast ride this summer.

See the flyer below for more details and information on the No Kid Hungry Campaign.  You can also check the No Kid Hungry website for more information on this great organization.


No Kid Hungry Campaign

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