Do you ever walk into a place and immediately think, this is my happy place? Well I had an experience like that just before Christmas. A friend has been telling me about Malt and Mold for weeks, a place focused on growler filling, craft beers, cheese and charcuterie.

Growlers became a personal obsession of mine one summer when I was living in my college town. Dinner with friends was always better with some fresh and affordable beer! For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, a growler is essentially a refillable beer jug. You can buy growlers online, at some bars and at Malt and Mold! You pay a one-time fee for purchasing the growler. Then you can bring your jug to places like bars, Malt and Mold and even Whole Foods, and can fill a growler there. What makes Malt and Mold different is that they sell 3 different sizes of growlers, a 64 oz (the most common), 32 oz and 16 oz bottle. That way whether your looking to bring beer to a dinner party or just try a new brew while eating a frozen dinner on the couch, Malt and Mold has a growler for you. Needless to say, I will be collecting all of the sizes!

Malt and Mold

Growlers from Malt and Mold

I went to Malt and Mold with the intent of finding a Christmas gift for my dad. It was just too easy! Buying for my dad is always the biggest struggle but within minutes my gift ideas had come to fruition and I was ready to go! I purchased a 32 oz growler filled with Gun Hill Brewery’s 13 Star XIPA. The 13 Star is an imperial IPA, known for having the alcohol levels of wine. If you’ve never had beer from Gun Hill, I highly suggest it. Not only is Gun Hill super local, but they also have beers for everyone. Yes, even your uncle who only drinks Bud could find a Gun Hill beer that is just right. My next purchase for the old man was a pint of the Captain Lawrence Brewing Company’s Captain’s Reserve Imperial IPA.

Other treats you can pick up at Malt and Mold include local pickles, jams, meat and more! Malt and Mold is the perfect one stop shop to pick up everything you need to set up an impressive spread to enjoy while watching a football game. Their website also says they do weekly beer tastings so look out for the Eat Up Crew there!  For more info click here

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