Mighty Quinns BBQ at Berg’n -Bergen Street in Crown Heights

Usually you would have to drag me kicking and screaming on a Saturday, into a crowd, but mention Beer Hall and BBQ in the same sentence and I’ll make an exception. The smell of mouthwatering BBQ hits you the second you enter the building. The building, which is enormous, has an area of food vendors and a bar called Berg N Beckons which offers a dozen drafts. There are long cafeteria style tables inside and an outdoor seating area which is perfect if it is not too cold out. I glanced at the food options Pizza Moto, Ramen Burger, Asia dog and then I spotted it… Mighty Quinns BBQ.

Mighty Quinns BBQ sells brisket. Brisket sliders, 6oz brisket sandwiches and of course brisket by the ½ lb and lb. They also have awesome sides like sweet potato casserole, burnt end beans and French fries. I ordered the 6oz brisket sandwich, an order of fries, the sweet potato casserole and the burnt ends. So I was hungry that day. I’m kidding. I was sharing it with my best friend whose idea it was to check the place out. The cashier handed me a light up thingy that she said would go off when my order was done. I was disappointed that I was going to have to wait when I could see the delicious looking brisket sitting right there and smelling incredible.  The line had looked relatively short so I assumed the wait wouldn’t be too long. I was sadly mistaken. On the bright side, Berg N Beckons was right behind me so I pacified myself with a draft while we waited.  The food at Mighty Quinns BBQ took longer than I expected but admittedly it was well worth the wait.

How was Mighty Quinns BBQ?

The brisket melted in my mouth and the BBQ sauce was off the charts delicious.  The Mighty Quinns BBQ French fries reminded me of Nathan’s French fries in Coney Island but shrunken down. The sweet potato casserole was perfect and the burnt ends beans were incredible. I also loved the sliced pickles that they automatically give you on the side. I would definitely make a trip back and maybe head over to the Brooklyn Museum after eating and shopping in the flea market. A great way to spend a Brooklyn Saturday or Sunday.

Mighty Quinns BBQ currently has 5 open locations and 1 seasonal spot at Smorgasburg  To learn more about Mighty Quinns BBQ or to check out their listing of other locations click the link HERE.

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