After overindulging this holiday season, many look forward to the New Year in hopes of a fresh start, a clean slate, and might I even say, a “clean plate”. Here to share with you my New Year’s resolution, I’d like to introduce you to the Whole30 program.


The lowdown on the Whole30

If you haven’t heard of this program, let me give you some background information. Similar to the Paleo diet, only a bit more extreme, the Whole30 diet prohibits grains, sugar, dairy, and legumes. Okay I understand how crazy that may sound, but stay with me here. It may help to think of it like this – it is essentially the diet of the caveman. It’s pretty much as simple as that. The whole premise behind this caveman diet is that humans may not have evolved to eat certain foods, such as added sugars, dairy, legumes, and peanuts and grains. Therefore, these foods may be the cause behind the many health problems we see today, such as metabolic problems like diabetes, immune system dysfunction like chronic inflammation, hormonal imbalances, as well as unhealthy psychological attachments or craving. After 30 days of eliminating these foods, the creators of the diet, Dallas and Melissa Hartwig, claim you can see improved immune function, mental clarity, and even improvement of chronic health conditions such as diabetes or high cholesterol.

“We’re asking them to essentially do a scientific experiment of one: eliminate those foods; see how it impacts you individually,” Hartwig told Live Science. “Then, you can make a deliberate, conscious decision about which foods are healthy. It’s about how you arrive at your perfect diet.” After the 30 days, Hartwig recommends slowly adding in those foods again one by one and seeing how they affect you. Then you’ll be able to know what works best for you individual self.

The Whole30 will definitely require me to make some big adjustments to my life, such as a lot more grocery shopping, cooking, and meal prep. Unfortunately, it is also pretty hard to eat out on this diet, because of how unsure you can be with food preparation, which will definitely affect my social life. But to make sure I stay on track and to allow you to see how I’m doing and feeling, I’ll be posting a weekly update through the month.

Are you with me?

Feel like joining me on this 30 day venture? Please do! But I must urge you to first read the book It Starts With Food. It will not only give you all the information on the Whole30 diet, but you’ll have a better understanding of how the program can not only affect you physically, but also mentally. It will change your entire relationship with food.


What are you waiting for? Lets ring in 2015 on the healthiest note yet! Stay tuned for next weeks post and to see how I’m doing!

For more information on the Whole30, please click here.

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