Many of you might think of Just Salad as yet another fast casual lunch spot in the city. And indeed it is, but what many of you might not realize is that Just Salad strives to provide organic, non-gmo, and high quality options at all of their locations. All while keeping things affordable for your lunch break. And this summer they’ve created four additional salads that highlight fresh and seasonal summer produce.

Just Salad defines “local” as “any ingredient that is sourced from a farm located within 350 miles of the restaurant where it is served.” Just Salad purchases in-season ingredients from local family farms, to ensure sustainability. They buy local because they are passionate about environmental rights, supporting our community, and of course our individual health. On their website they dedicate a whole section to which items are locally sourced, alongside which farm they come from. Examples include Feta Cheese from Marmaris in Johnstown, NY and Button Mushroom from Mother Earth Organics in Landenberg, PA. They also have similar lists indicating which items at their stores are organic and non-gmo. You can see all three lists by following this link.

In keeping with their mission to keep their produce fresh and seasonal, Just Salad debuted their new summer menu earlier this season. They’ve created four new fresh and creative summer salads that will keep you feeling light and rejuvenated all summer long. On a recent visit, Meredith and I were able to try to some of these seasonal options. The four summer salads are cleverly named Tulum Getaway, Saigon Summer, Backyard BBQ, and Beach Bound. All are prepared with creative and seasonal ingredients such as tomatoes, basil, cabbage, corn, and so much more.

Our Just Salad Salads

I decided to try the Tulum Getaway, which includes romaine, jicama, double avocado, black beans and corn, pumpkin seeds, tomatoes, jalapenos, tortilla strips, with a smoky poblano ranch. What a hearty salad! I don’t think I’d be going to the beach straight after a meal like this, but it definitely kept me satisfied all day long. Meredith tried the Saigon Summer and turned her salad into a wrap. She enjoyed hers so much she actually went back the following week for the same order!

So the next time you’re feeling down about being stuck in the office during these beautiful, sunny summer days, treat yourself to one of these four summer salads, from Just Salad, for a mid day boost. I can’t guarantee they’ll bring you to the beach, but their refreshing flavors and combinations will at least transport you to paradise for lunch.



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