I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I’ll never ever understand people who don’t eat breakfast. Yes it’s the most important meal, but even more importantly, it’s an opportunity to eat as soon as you wake up. Why people continue to deny such a beautiful thing is beyond me.

 Handling Breakfast at 16 Handles

Well 16 Handles agrees with me as they have just entered the Breakfast World this month with the launch of their DIY breakfast bowl concept. As the first self-serve frozen yogurt store in the city, back in 2008, 16 Handles continues to set itself apart from the rest, as they are the first in the business trying out this breakfast concept. Don’t worry, you can still enjoy their traditional frozen yogurt flavors, but starting at 8am each morning they will also be offering healthy breakfast bases, such as fresh yogurt, acai bowls, and hot oatmeal. Once you’ve picked your base, it’s time to personalize your bowl. New toppings include more fruit options, tons of granola varieties, including gluten free versions, and plenty of additional wholesome options.

When it came time to make my own breakfast bowl, I went for the acai base. Overwhelmed as I always am when too many delicious options are before my eyes, I took in all the options and made a game plan. I loaded up my bowl with a bounty of berries, two different types of gluten-free granola options, and topped it all off with coconut flakes. It was the perfect combination and quite an ideal breakfast. I’m already looking forward to my next bowl.

16 Handles

Additionally, they are now offering better-for-you packaged snacks, as well as bottled beverages. 16 Handles offers many local products and Eat Up New York is a huge fan of keeping it local. And staying true to their mission, these new offerings focus on quality ingredients and products from like-minded companies.

Currently 16 Handles is only offering these fantastic breakfast options at their Chelsea location (8th Avenue & 19th) with plans to expand to more stores in NYC this spring.

16 Handles

16 Handles is making it incredibly easy for all of you breakfast non-believers to jump on the breakfast bandwagon. With an endless amount of delicious and customizable possibilities, there’s no reason not to treat yourself tomorrow morning.

The 16 Handles Chelsea location is at 178 8th Avenue, NY, NY – For more information check out their website


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