With the current heat wave that’s upon us, one thing is for certain we must indulge in ice cream. I was shopping in SoHo with my mom, in this 90-degree heat, and going from store to store was a challenge.

Somewhere between H&M and Mystique Boutique I saw the Play J truck. I had seen it on Instagram once or twice and heard that it was supposed to be all the rage. I figured why not, and I gave Play J a chance.

Several Flavor Options at Play J

I’ve always been a chocolate addict so that was my J of choice (but they do have vanilla or half and half available if that’s what you’re into). There are also rumors going around that a green tea and a black sesame flavor will be available in the near future.

The J is served in a puffed corn “cone” naturally making it gluten free so all you Celiac’s out there, eat up! The puffed corn resembles the taste of my favorite childhood cereal – Kix. Owners of the truck, Chulho Kang and Rich Kion have a special machine that produces the puffed corn that came all the way from Kang’s home land of Korea. After the puffed corn is produced, each cone is hand made (with love <3).

Play J

The whole idea behind this “next gen” ice cream is that it’s easier to eat your ice cream this way to prevent melts and leakage. The J also takes much longer to get soggy than your average cone. Some say they are embarrassed to be eating this somewhat inappropriately shaped cone but to them I say man up, ice cream is ice cream.

I am definitely a new fan of the Play J truck.  It is something cool and different and hey for $4 it won’t break your bank. So, if you’re feeling adventurous, or you just love the letter J, be on the look out for the Play J truck. Locations vary from day to day so don’t forget to check out the Play J Instagram page or their Twitter feed before stopping by.

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