With founders hailing from Tel Aviv, Schnitz is not messing around when it comes to their main product, Schnitzel. For those of you who don’t know, schnitzel is any meat that is pounded, breaded and fried. The owner’s of Schnitz, Yoni, Donna and Allon, took this idea and put a new take on it. They have a wide variety of traditional schnitzel dishes with a bunch of new and innovative ways to get your schnitzel fix.

I had the pleasure of sampling some of Schnitz’s current dishes and got a sneak peak at some of their upcoming dishes for the new menu.

Getting our Schnitz on

We started off with some of the Schnitz homemade Limonana Shandy.  It was cool and refreshing with a nice kick. This is a standard Israeli drink, sold on hot summer days, was mixed with beer because it’s 5 o’clock somewhere, right?

The first course that came out was avocado toast. When I initially heard this was on the menu I thought #basic but when it came out with a fried egg on top and served on a pretzel bun I liked the new spin on this original. Sautéed asparagus with lemon mayo and garlic panko accompanied this. The asparagus were thin and crispy, with a squeeze of lemon on top making it a great side.

The main dishes were all different chicken schnitzels, but an overwhelming majority loved the schnitz and waffles. Similar to the southern classic ‘chicken and waffles’ this was served with smoked pickles, classic cole slaw, Chipotle BBQ and of course maple syrup.

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For all of the veggie lovers out there, they do have “The Yonz” which was a butternut squash and corn schnitzel topped with jicama-fennel slaw and honey-sriracha mayo.

Our final course was Banana-Nutella Schnitz. I was a little skeptical of this because I’ve never seen dessert schnitzel in my life (even after living in Israel for six months). But what crazy person turns down anything with bananas and Nutella, so I decided to power through and pop this bad boy into my mouth. Let me tell you, it did not disappoint. This little schnitz is served on a pretzel bun and although a tad hard to eat, it’s worth the mess.

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All in all Schnitz is a great choice for authentic Schnitzel in NYC. You can visit their East Village location, the South Street Seaport and of course they’re a vendor at Smorgasburg because they’re #trendy.

For more information on Schnitz you can check out their website

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