We may never be royals… but we can get pretty close. Most of us escape the city Friday after work (and by after work, we mean a 1 pm half-day… shhh) to head off to the Hamptons or Fire Island for the weekend. But in order to enjoy the weekly beach vacays, filled with bottles of Veuve and models in tiny Missoni bikinis, we are forced to either endure the horror that is the LIRR or risk hours of traffic. No thanks. Although being packed into a car with friends of friends of friends, jamming to throwbacks like “I Would Walk 500 Miles” sounds enticing, here are 3 alternatives to solve this summer setback:

JetGet: www.jetget.com Travel to the Hamptons

Since renting an entire private jet every weekend is probably unreasonable, you can book a seat just for yourself on a PJ with JetGet to travel to the Hamptons. In under 30 minutes, you’ll be transported to the Hamptons minus the stop-and-go traffic that’ll have you buying Dramamine in bulk. Instead you’ll spend the hours of Friday afternoon maximizing your tanning time to get that perfect summer glow by Labor Day. All you have to worry about is getting yourself (Ubering) to one of the two private airports outside of the city and fork over $500.  Nobody said Luxury Travel to the Hamptons was going to come cheap!

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  BLADE: www.flyblade.com

The coolest part about BLADE is definitely where their helicopters depart from. There are three BLADE lounges right in the city including one under the FDR. Sip a drink, catch up on work, or chill on a couch while waiting for your helicopter underneath the road you could be stuck on. You would almost be able feel the road rage emanating from above if it weren’t for the scenic views of the East River to distract you. Download BLADE in the app store and book a seat on a crowd-sourced heli to seven popular weekend destinations. Don’t worry about rain ruining your travel plans because in the event that the helicopter can’t take off, BLADE will not only give you a refund, but they will also give you a complimentary ride to your destination by Mazerati. Downloading BLADE: free. Ubering to the terminal: $15. Your seat on the chopper: $450. The likes you’ll get on an Instagram pic from the helicopter window with a “brb NYC” caption: priceless.  

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Travel to the Hamptons with the Sea Jitney 

If shelling out hundreds of dollars, to travel to the Hamptons, isn’t in your budget, you can catch the boat version of the Jitney for $50 or less depending on your destination. The downside is that it takes around three hours, but the upside is guaranteed no traffic, fresh air, and a sick snapchat story.


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