It’s officially 2015, which means the beginning of many New Year resolutions to eat well, exercise more, and live healthier. It’s also officially winter season here in NYC, which means you’re not leaving your house, let alone your couch unless it’s absolutely necessary. So how can you kick off your healthy year when you can’t even get off your couch? How can you get home delivery of healthy food?  Lucky for you New York residents, companies such as Ritual, Quinciple, Hello Fresh, and Eat Tribal are making it especially easy to stick to your goals without leaving your home.

Ritual – Home Delivery of Healthy Food – Custom Tailoredhome delivery of healthy food

What is it? Hand delivered, high quality, fresh ingredients to your door accompanied with healthy recipes, which gives you the ability to cook a delicious meal in 30 minutes or less.

What makes it unique? Ritual works with you to create the perfect menu tailored to your specific dietary needs.  The on-boarding process is via the the Ritual website where clients identify their dietary profile (omnivore, pescatarian, vegetarian, paleo and vegan). Once the profile is completed Ritual will send send tailored menus, a week in advance, for their clients to choose from. Any meal can be made gluten free, dairy free.vegan, hatred of onions, etc

Cost? Dinner, Flat $25 per meal. No monthly membership fee. Plus, delivery is free.

Quinciple – The Farmers Market of Home Delivery

What is it? A favorite for farmer’s market lovers, Quinciple delivers you a selection of curated foods from primarily local, small-batch producers. Think CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), but with multiple farms. Your box will include a selection of season veggies, some fruit, herbs, a cheese, a loaf of bread, and usually a pasture-raised animal protein. Also included are recipe cards, giving you plenty of meal ideas based on the week’s selection.

home delivery of healthy food

What makes it unique? You’ll never have to questions where your food comes from. Quinciple provides a back-story with every item and you can view even bigger profiles of every producer on their website. Farm fresh food almost always guarantees a higher-quality and better taste, and usually organic.

Cost? Home delivery of Healthy Food: $49.90 per box/week.
Pickup locations and company accounts: $42.90 per box/week.

Hello Fresh – Home Delivery of Healthy Ingredients

What is it? Hello Fresh simply sends you simple ingredients with recipes to make interesting meals. They source the highest-quality and freshest produce. You can choose either the 3 meals for two or 3 meals for 4 option.

What makes it unique? The cool thing about Hello Fresh is how simple the recipes sound. You can feel like a fancy shmancy chef, without all the complication. Also, there is no minimum term and you can pause your subscription at any point.

Cost? And this is what sold me over. It’s definitely the cheapest service I’ve found, at as low as $9.08 per meal. In New York, that’s called a steal.


Eat Tribal – Caveman Home Delivery of Healthy Food

What is it? Tribal is a Paleo-friendly home delivery service of healthy food, offering you meals free of grain, gluten, dairy, and soy. Plus, no need to cook with this service, as the meals come chef-prepared and ready to eat.

What makes it unique? As the Paleo diet keeps gaining popularity, Tribal allows you to easily try out the diet for a relatively decent price. (It definitely beats waiting in line at the grocery store, hauling everything home, slaving away in the kitchen for hours) And with new menus each week, you’ll never be bored with the exciting and unique options.

home delivery of healthy food

Cost? $11.99 per meal. Another great steal, especially for the high quality and convenience of the food.

So if your excuse for tossing out your New Year’s resolutions is lack of time to grocery shop and/or cook, then why not invest in one or more of these Home Delivery of Healthy Food subscription services. It may be more expensive than Seamless, but what will hurt your wallet short term, will only make you feel healthier and happier long term. Here’s to you and a healthy new year!

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