Jack’s Wife Freda provides excellent landscape for your Instagram Pictures

Goods vibes, decent food

For all the hype surrounding this hot and posh brunch spot, Jack’s Wife Freda has been at the top of my bucket list for a while. Finally, this past week, I had a few of my favorite foodie friends in town, which always makes for the perfect excuse to try a new place. With little debate, we decided to head to Soho and check out what all the buzz was about.

If it had been any other day besides the day before Christmas, we would have been guaranteed a long wait, but luckily we showed up with no line ahead and sat down almost immediately. Though there was no wait, this quaint café filled up quite quickly as we sat there. With each customer looking trendier than the next, I should have felt out of place, but the ambiance of the café itself is too homey to feel anything but comfortable and relaxed.

Our waiter was very friendly, kindly refilling our coffees as often as we wished. Unfortunately, he wasn’t that helpful when we pestered him with an abundance of menu questions. In his defense, how fair is it to ask him which is better, the Shakshuka or the Avocado Toast? Anyways, we somehow made our decisions, each different, despite the lack of recommendations.

What we Ordered at Jack’s Wife Freda

My one friend ordered the Mediterranean Breakfast, which came with 2 eggs any style, chopped salad, labne, avocado and pita bread. Though it looked tasty, I bet I could’ve made the same thing at home, maybe even better, and probably cheaper.

Jack's Wife Freda

My other friend ordered the Poached Eggs with Grilled Tomato and Haloumi, which included 2 poached eggs, grilled tomato and haloumi, served with sourdough toast. A nice presentation, and equally as delicious as it looked.

Jack's Wife Freda

I went for the Mashed Avocado on Seeded Bread, topped with cherry tomato jam, pickled carrots, and za’atar. No I wouldn’t say I was blown away, nor was this the best avocado toast ever, but it was thoroughly enjoyable. The unique cherry tomato jam and pickled carrots added a lovely flavor and the seeded bread gave it that overall crunch I was hoping for.

Jack's Wife Freda

So if you’re looking for a cute café, great people watching, and a cozy ambience, then Jack’s Wife Freda is your place. On the other hand, if you’re looking for an outstanding meal, I’d say your best bet is probably elsewhere. Then again, do you really want to miss an epic Instagram opportunity? Now that’s your call.

If you are on Instagram then I am sure you have already seen pictures from Jack’s Wife Freda.  They also have a pretty vibrate Instagram Feed themselves which you can check out HERE

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