Taproom No 307: a Craft Beer Bar in Manhattan's Gramercy neighborhood
9.8Out of 10

Recently, myself and a few of the Eat Up New York foodies ventured to Taproom No 307 for lunch and to hydrate my taste buds. The wood and brick interior makes you feel warm and cozy which is exactly what I needed on a cold and windy day in New York City.

When you enter Taproom No 307 you see a ton of flatscreen TV’s, a long bar with high tables running parallel to it, with seating for 4 on each side of the high tables, and behind that booths with average seating of 4. Now depending on where you sit you will have the gift of not only having full range of viewing multiple TV’s but a fantastic view of the chef making some awesome pizza creations and firing them up right in the brick oven!

Taproom No 307’s Tomahawk Flight

As usual, any place that has more than 5 beers on the menu puts me at a crossroad. Why? Well because I stare and contemplate the menu longer than I probably should. To help make the decision process even longer, Taproom No 307 has 40 draft beers and 50+ Bottled Beers! After not being able to make up my mind and choose just one beer I decided to go with their Tomahawk beer flight.

The Tomahawk Flight consists of 4 different types of beers which are made up of Pale Ales and/or IPA’s. Although you do not get to choose which 4 they come with, they did in fact come with some good choices. My Tomahawk Flight came with

I’ve had each of these beers before and, as usual, they did not upset.

Taproom No 307’s Tomahawk Flight

The Appetizers

Nothing screams delicious warming appetizer like nachos do. It is something about the look and taste of nachos that makes me feel like one again and forget all of my worries. When you order the Taproom Nachos they come with cheddar&jack, pico de galo, jalapeño, sour cream, guac and your choice of veggie, grilled chicken or pulled pork. I decided to go with chicken since that is one of my favorite choices out of the mix. The nachos came out pretty quickly and, from the first look, were going to taste every bit as amazing as I had hoped.  As I stuffed my face, and enjoyed every bite, I was soon in the presence of my main course. Fish & Chips.

Taproom Room No 307 Nachos

Taproom’s Fish & Chips

Beer brined & battered cod, malt vinegar, and a house made tartar sauce. That is what makes up Taproom’s delicious Fish & Chips. I feel like you can never go wrong with Fish & Chips, at least I have yet to regret choosing them. The dish came out portioned perfectly in my opinion. The perfect amount of french fries and the perfect amount of fish. The fish had the just enough batter and crunch that didn’t make you hate yourself after having fried fish. The fries were perfectly cut with just enough thickness so you didn’t feel fat and gross after eating a few or left wondering if you’re eating McDonald’s Fries. Needless to say I ate all the Fish & Chips.

Taproom 307 Fish & Chips

Overall Thoughts of Taproom No 307

Would I recommend this place?  I would absolutely recommend Taproom No 307.  The Food hit the spot, Service was good and the beers were cold and delicious.  Cold and Delicious Beer is crucial and I am pleased to report that Taproom No 307 hit that one out of the park.   I really look forward to checking this place out during a packed happy hour because it seems like it would attract a great and fun crowd.


Taproom No 307

Location: 307 3rd Avenue, New York, NY 10010
Reservations: (212) 725-4766 | party@taproom307.com

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