On Valentine’s Day, chocolate serves as a go-to gift that’s always welcome, even if you don’t pair it with a bouquet of flowers or piece of jewelry (well, we’ll leave you to make that decision — we don’t want to get you in trouble, after all). Since chocolates are a gift on this occasion, they should be a step above, or a few steps above, the everyday chocolate. In New York City, you’re located in one of the best places to find the chocolate that will send her over the moon in tongue-tantalizing delight.

Visit the following businesses for chocolates that are impressive enough to stand alone as the perfect gift for your lady, or your chocolate-loving man.

Chocolate Made On Site

Kee’s Chocolates

Choose chocolates made with love from Kee’s Chocolates. This small store features chocolates handmade by the owner next door to the shop in SoHo, although you can also pick up these delights at the Midtown or Midtown West locations. These exclusive chocolates are only available in the stores, which makes them an extra special gift. Truffles are the star here, with exciting flavors that include black sesame, Earl Grey, fennel and jasmine. The shop also sells chocolate ganache and chocolate bars. The chocolates come in elegant designs and packaging, perfect for gift giving.

Jacques Torres

The Jacques Torres chocolate boutique has numerous locations across New York, including at Grand Central Station, in SoHo and in the Upper East Side. Therefore, you don’t have an excuse not to go, no matter where you live. Chef Jacques Torres creates his exquisite chocolates straight from cocoa beans without chemical additives. Choose his chocolate in many forms, from filled chocolates or chocolate bars to hot chocolate or chocolate chip cookies. Everything is perfectly packaged, making it a spectacular gift.

Valentine's Day

Fine & Raw

Celebrating raw chocolate, Fine & Raw focuses on techniques and ingredients that keep its products as untouched as possible, without tainting the chocolate. These treats make the perfect gift for chocolate connoisseurs or those who prefer an all-natural lifestyle. Despite the simplicity of the chocolate, this company puts plenty of effort into charming packaging that makes each bar or truffle ready to give as a gift. You can even choose from the specialty Valentine’s Day gift sets, such as the Romeo & Juliet truffle box or the Bonnie & Clyde bars. Shop at the factory location in Brooklyn.

Ready-Made Chocolate Shops – Valentine’s Day Ideas

Li-Lac Chocolates

You’ll find unique treats at Li-Lac Chocolates in Greenwich Village or the Grand Central Market. Around since 1923, this chocolate shop knows what it’s doing. Your date will be amazed by a piece of chocolate in the shape of the Statue of Liberty, an elephant, a high-heeled shoe or other inspired designs. You can also choose small-batch artisan chocolates or boxes of assorted delicacies. Perhaps a bonus Valentine’s Day treat would be a visit to the Li-Lac factory showroom, in Brooklyn, to see how the Chocolates are made!

Valentine's Day

La Maison du Chocolate

Give the taste of real French chocolate from La Maison du Chocolate. Its New York boutiques in Rockefeller Center and other locations allow you to get your hands on these cultural delights without traveling to Paris. Pick from truffles, ganache chocolate, pralines and fruited chocolates for your sweetheart. Each chocolate features a high-end design perfect as a gift for a sophisticated person.


Your loved one will have the chance to savor luscious Belgian chocolate when you buy your gift from Neuhaus. This Belgian chocolate shop has New York locations on Madison Avenue and other spots. Pick assortments of truffles, gourmet chocolates, chocolate liquors or other delectable treats. You can even choose chocolates shaped like hearts and jewels for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's Day

Now, step away from the supermarket chocolate. Go to one of the above locations and pick out some gourmet chocolates for your special someone. Trust us, it’s the right thing to do.

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