Making a reservation at Upland, prior to winning the Best New Restaurant of 2014, was definitely my best decision so far this year. I went to eat there after much anticipation for a late dinner a few weeks back. After salivating at the menu from the day it was posted on their website (and maybe dreaming about what chef Justin Smillie’s pecan pesto pizza would taste like) I walked into their trendy doors with a grin from ear to ear.

The hostess at Upland was very friendly, offering us a spot at the bar as we were early for our reservation. The drink menu was standard but also offered some of the hip new cocktails I’m always a little apprehensive to order. After settling on a martini straight up, we looked around, appreciating the perfect lighting and atmosphere that Upland offers.

 The Sounds of Silence – Upland

When we were seated, after the bar, we spent more time looking at the menu, dissecting exactly what we should share for dinner and appetizers. Naturally my fiance, the ballzy carnivore who will try anything, ordered the crispy duck wings. I think there were several moments of silence from when the duck wings were placed on to the table until he was finished – they were that good.


Next up was the pear pizza made with stracciatella, pecan pesto, arugula and balsamic. I never thought I would like fruit on my pizza nor did I think I would love a pie as much as ABC Kitchen’s, but Upland sure knew how to satisfy my endless pizza cravings. Our last and final dish was the pappardelle with kale and parmigiano.


Besides the food (which we all know you wanted to hear about first) the service was flawless. Our waiter was extremely attentive as was the General Manager who also came over to make sure we were enjoying our meal. The overall vibe at Upland represented the California-inspired cuisine they are aiming for. It was a superb meal and if I am lucky enough to get a reservation in the next 6 months, I will be back.


345 Park Avenue South, NY, NY

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