On a chilly Sunday morning, I’d love nothing more than to stay in bed with a huge mug of tea and a good book. But when Mom is in town, a chilly Sunday morning means getting out of my cozy and warm bed and venturing out to a new brunch spot in the West Village. How could I resist that invitation? Even my bed couldn’t hold me back.

So I picked out a place for us that I had been eyeing for a while. With its focus on healthy, nourishing food, Ellary’s Greens seemed like the ideal place for my mom and I.

Where Did Ellary’s Greens Come From?

Ellary’s Greens opened its 40-seat West Village restaurant in the spring of 2013. Leith Hill, founder and president, has deep roots in the healthy food world, as she was raised by health food enthusiasts. She brings passion and an enthusiastic attitude to her restaurant and its food. When she first moved to New York she found it difficult to find healthy, nutrient-dense foods. And as a new mother with little spare time on her hands, it was upsetting not being able to find what her and her family needed – “slow food, served quickly.” So she opened Ellary’s Green to provide what New York hadn’t been able to, nourishment you can trust, quality sourced from beautiful farms(for a list of vendors, click here), and warm service that makes you feel like you’re home. Regardless of dietary restrictions or choices, you will find what you need at Ellary’s Greens.

My mom and I arrived quite early for a Sunday Brunch at Ellary’s Greens and fortunately did not have to wait. We were seated and soon greeted by our lovely Australian server, who explained the menu and informed us that instead of the French toast, the chef was whipping up gluten-free, vegan blueberry waffles. WFTT? (AKA Waffle For The Table) Obviously.

We then perused the rest of the menu and chose our waffle accompaniments. I went with the chickpea burger, and my mom decided on the BLT. We also order some hot tea and coffee to start the meal. I was very happy to learn they offered coconut milk as a substitute for the typical dairy creamers.

Our main meals were brought out to us quickly, with the waffle following shortly after. I was very pleased with my chickpea burger, having never tried anything quite like it. Such a unique texture and taste, and I knew I would walk away feeling healthy and satisfied with my choice. Well, I probably would’ve felt healthy if I hadn’t later devoured that waffle, but even stuffed to the brim, I at least felt good knowing the food I ate was nutrient dense and good for my body.

Ellary’s GreensEllary’s Greens

 Overall, my mom and I had a lovely time at Ellary’s Greens and I look forward to trying their dinner menu as well. I appreciate the passion behind the restaurant and the mission to feed its customers healthy, nutrition, and delicious food of the highest quality.

Follow this link to learn more about Ellary’s Greens

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