I am going to go ahead and assume that everyone reading this post has heard of Juice Press. It’s one of the go-to juice locations in Manhattan and they have delicious food and beverage options at their stores (75+ beverages and 30+ food to be exact).

Run for Juice Press

Over the last couple of months Juice Press started a campaign called #willrunforjuice on their Instagram page. Every Saturday morning, juice press wants to motivate you to get up and going. From 9am until 12pm each Saturday you get a free juice when you go on a run, and post to Instagram with #willrunforjuice, #juicepress. Then you bring your phone in to any of their local Juice Press locations, show to cashier and get a free juice! Just for going on a run and posting a picture of you in action!

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Juice Press sure does know how to motivate their customers to get up and moving. Winters in particular can be really rough, and make us all want to cuddle in bed until 2pm. Juice Press gives you the extra nudge you need on Saturday mornings.

Last weekend we tested this out for ourselves. Jordan and I stepped outside our apartment, in the 10 degree weather (wearing 4+ layers of course), and headed out. Now I am not much of a runner. I consider myself more of a power walker gal but we did what we needed to do. Jord posted a picture on his Instagram account and before you knew it we ran for our juice.

We Ran to Juice Press

After we were done, and nearly frozen, we headed over to the Juice Press location on Greenwich and 8th Ave to retrieve our juices. I got the Masterade juice which you must drink out of a straw since there is cayenne in it. Jordan got the Spicy Citrus, which also had a kick to it.

The best part was that we could pick ANY juice we wanted! Next time I am definitely trying the Watermelon one so I can close my eyes and pretend I am on a tropical island somewhere that is a million times warmer than Manhattan.

Give it a try this weekend and see if you #willrunforjuice

For more information on Juice Press check out their website

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