This has now been the second time I’ve tried to go to Pony Bar and failed. I still am looking forward to trying it sometime but alas I ended up venturing to one of my favorite spots in Hell’s Kitchen… Gotham West Market. However choosing a place in the market became difficult, my boyfriend wanted a burger and I wanted something a little nicer and definitely a beer. I was pleasantly surprised by Genuine Roadside. Genuine Roadside really had the best of both worlds, I was able to get what I wanted while my man was able to indulge in burger heaven both paired with a delicious Lagunitas IPA.

 Love that 70’s vibe at Genuine Roadside

The décor inside Genuine Roadside is very 1970’s Americana. We sat in a booth surrounded by a mural of an American landscape and a metal eagle. Posters of movies and cars cover the walls. Along with the theme of the roadside stop, your food is served on a metal tray. Yet, the food is much more delicious and inventive than anything I’d ever found at a roadside stop.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret, when I go out to eat my mission is to eat as much avocado as possible. “Yes, I know guac is extra” is my life motto. So to fill my avocado quota for dinner I ordered their award winning ahi tartar tuna tacos. The Genuine Roadside tuna tacos came with slaw, spicy mayo, the green goodness (avocado) and came in a crispy corn taco shell. The tuna was marinated with soy and the flavor was perfect but not overwhelming. The taco shell was sturdy enough that it didn’t crumble apart after the first bite.

Genuine Roadside

 The Genuine Roadside Burger

My boyfriend ordered their Genuine Roadside super duper shack burger. It was a double patty burger with cheese and pickles on a potato bun. I managed to try a bite and it was totally delicious! I am a huge fan of pickles and the ones services at Genuine Roadside paired perfectly with a burger. Further more, Genuine Roadside makes their burger patties with a combination of hanger steak and chuck making a delicious and high quality burger.

Genuine Roadside

Instead of the typical sharing a basket of fries we opted for their house salad, which came with, you guessed it, avocado. The Genuine Roadside house salad has some more flare than what you might expect, it has radishes, avocado, cucumber, kale and crispy shallots. The salad was perfect and I’m glad that’s what we went with.

Genuine Roadside


I’ve said it before, Gotham West Market is the place to go when you don’t know where to go. I proved my own point when I did just that!

For more information on the Genuine Roadside check out their website Here

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