City Kitchen has only been open for a few weeks and it has managed to stay off the tourist radar even though it has a prime Times Square location. So head over quick before it gets found out! When I first entered the door, off of 8th avenue, I was a little perplexed. Upon walking in you see an elevator and a staircase, it turns out the food court it upstairs! So don’t be discouraged if you feel confused. The amazing eats await you upstairs.

City Kitchen City Kitchen

Vendors in City Kitchen

Inside of City Kitchen you will find outposts of some of NYC’s favorite eats! City Kitchen is a unique collection of high quality and international fare. Box from ilili is serving up shawarma, falafels and delicious hummus. Feeling something a little lower key, try the famous cheesesteak and blue cheese fries from Whitman’s. Azuki is doing quick and delicious sushi, perfect for lunch, and be sure to check out their awesome house rolls. Kuro Obi is the first Ippudo location to offer take away ramen! You can get the famous Ippudo ramen, that people wait in line for hours for, and bring it back to your own couch. Done and done! If you forgot to eat breakfast, head to City Kitchen before 11am and grab some breakfast tacos from Gabriela’s for a satisfying, delicious and cheap breakfast that you can take to go! City Kitchen also has Wooly’s shaved snow and a Sigmund’s Pretzel cart for your every snack desire.

City Kitchen City Kitchen City Kitchen

When I went to City Kitchen I had 2 specific things I wanted to try though, a Lobster Roll from Luke’s and a doughnut from Dough. Both have become hugely popular over the past year and honestly I’ve been behind the trend on this one.

What drew me most to Luke’s was their dedication to making lobster rolls the right way, the Maine way. I haven’t been back to Maine in a few years but I often find my mind wondering off to fresh lobster rolls. The roll at Luke’s is hands down the best one I’ve had outside of Maine. They give you plenty of lobster meat and it isn’t a lobster salad. Lobster salad on a roll is an imposter so let it be known! The only other flavors that come through only enhanced the lobster. Luke’s uses a little butter, some celery salt, other secret seasonings, and a tiny bit of mayo (just tiny enough that a mayo-phobe like me agrees it’s better this way). You need to eat one of these rolls ASAP.

City Kitchen


They have Dough at City Kitchen!

Next I hit up Dough, I have heard wonders about their fluffy yeast doughnuts. I believe that you can judge a doughnut place best by their plain glazed doughnut. Dough definitely passed my test on this one; in fact it was big enough that I shared it with 2 other friends! Now the coconut doughnut, well that one was just for me. This doughnut tasted like the inside of a Mounds bar. If you are a coconut lover too this doughnut is not to miss!

City Kitchen City Kitchen

I will definitely be headed back to City Kitchen soon and you should too! For more information on City Kitchen you can check out their website

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