I have had a long relationship with the Blue Water Grill.  I call it a relationship because it has felt just like dating.  In the beginning I was going to Blue Water Grill all the time.  It was my go to place.  It was fresh, fun, loud, and the food was always on point.  Over the years, perhaps I stopped going as frequently and maybe took our relationship for granted.  Then, one stormy night several years ago, the Blue Water Grill and I broke up.  I can’t explain whose fault it was or who started it but we definitely were broken up.  Because I’m stubborn beyond belief I had severed all ties and wouldn’t even walk past the once familiar corner of 16th Street and Union Square.  It was like the scene of a horrible break-up and I couldn’t even bear the thought of catching a glimpse of the place.  Too many heartfelt memories.

So maybe a year ago The Blue Water Grill and I ran into each other.  Everything looked the same and we definitely had that familiar connection but unfortunately things had definitely changed.  The menu wasn’t the menu I remembered and even the wait staff felt unfamiliar.  Dare I say that there may have been an entirely new staff?  The Tuna Tar Tar in the Mason Jar was no longer on the menu nor the favorite chopped salad.  I couldn’t believe how much things had changed and maybe it was unfair to assume that Blue Water had waited patiently for me to return…..but clearly they had moved on.

After our brief encounter I was a bit shaken and uncertain on what direction to go.  Should I go back and give it another try or should I leave our relationship in the scrap heap of broken hearts?  After weeks of sleepless nights and melancholy days I finally returned back to the Blue Water Grill ready to tackle a long term commitment and to see if she would have me back.  The magic was still there.  Maybe the restaurant was a little older but it has definitely came into its own and I was happy that we rekindled the romance.

No, you will not find Tuna Tar Tar in the Mason Jar (Don’t steal my rhyme…not this time).  And the chopped salad is definitely gone as they now have a Market Salad but you will find: One of the best raw bars in the city – Always Fresh and delicious.  Dressed Sushi which is a bit expensive but so good.  My favorites of the dressed Sushi are the Tuna with Avocado & Ponzu and the Salmon with Yuzu-Kosho-Aioli.  Not 100% certain what Yuzu-Kosho-Aioli is but I can tell you that it matches perfectly with Salmon Sushi.

Blue Water Grill

Dressed Sushi – Salmon

Blue Water Grill has a new section on the menu called “Bites,” which are like little plate-fulls of smiles.  I always get the Shrimp Dumplings and I Love (LOVE) the Wild Mushroom Arancini which sit atop truffle laced mascarpone…Hell’s yes!  Their fish is still top notch even though some have complained that they find the portions a little small.  I thought the portions were fine and compared to a recent visit I had at Park Avenue Autumn, I think you do pretty well size and price wise at the Blue Water Grill.  My fish favorites include the Pan Roasted Halibut, Ginger-Soy Lacquered Chilean Sea Bass and the Grilled Branzini.  There are also plenty of sides to choose from but they won me back at the Charred Broccoli which is my new all time favorite side dish.  Love it!

Blue Water Grill

Wild Mushroom Arancini

Blue Water Grill














And if you have time for dessert they do have warm chocolate chip cookies which are definitely not going to be the best you ever had but it doesn’t really matter because they are warm, gooey and loaded with Chocolate.

So I think it is safe to say, and I am not shying away from the fact, that the Blue Water Grill and I are definitely back together and going stronger than ever.  Thanks for taking me back BWG – I missed you!

Blue Water Grill – Website

31 Union Square West at 16th Street
New York, New York 10003
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