Senza Gluten is a Gluten Free Game Changer

When you hear the words “Gluten-Free,” what usually comes to mind?

Probably anything but pizza, pasta, bread, and other carb loaded deliciousness.

Well what would you say if I told you that a brand new restaurant right here in Manhattan is changing all of that and fulfilling every gluten free dream.

Senza Gluten, an Italian restaurant located in the West Village on Sullivan street, is making gluten-free magic happen in their kitchen. You won’t believe it, but every single item on the menu and their whole kitchen is free of gluten. The chef won’t even allow his wait staff to bring in any gluten items. And yes, even that bread on the table is safe. I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with their chef, Chef Jemiko L. Solo, who has 25 years of restaurant experience around the world, to talk everything Gluten-free.

The Backstory – Senza Gluten

Creating a completely gluten-free restaurant is obviously a bold move in this carb-loving country, but Chef Jemiko L. Solo saw a need for it. He explained how for many years his friends, who have been diagnosed with celiac, always had a difficult time going out to eat. It was always tough finding a place where they could be absolutely, 100% certain that what they were eating was gluten-free. Many restaurants do offer gluten-free items, but if their kitchen is not entirely gluten-free, there could always be cross-contamination. Chef Jemiko dreamed of a place where all of his friends could have a wonderful meal and relax, knowing for certain that their food was safe and free of gluten. With this dream in mind, he decided to get trained professionally in gluten free cuisine and, upon graduation, his dream was now in reach.

Senza Gluten

Over the past two weeks, since the restaurant’s grand opening, Chef Jemiko L. Solo has been blown away by the joy his customers have eating here, and how grateful they are. Many of them have expressed to him such gratitude for finally having a restaurant they feel completely comfortable eating at. “Now we feel normal,” they say. He’s even seen some of them second guess taking the bread on the table, that being their gut instinct. But, of course, Chef Jemiko reassures them they have no need to worry or second-guess. Go for the bread, the pasta, and the dessert, he encourages.

All About Customer Feedback

What is even more special about Senza’s menu is that it will feature new items based on what the customers want. Chef Jemiko wants to stress the importance of talking to his customers, hearing what “gluten-full” items they especially miss, and create a guilt free, gluten free version they can enjoy. A new cauliflower crust pizza has been a major hit and, if the customer’s keep requesting it, you may see it permanently on the menu very soon.


So even if you can tolerate gluten, I urge you to rush over to Senza Gluten to try Chef Jemiko’s amazing creations for yourself. You’ll be blown away and won’t even miss the gluten. With your first experience at Senza Gluten you’ll immediately understand what I’m talking about. Chef Jemiko’s passion for cooking will shine through every dish and come alive on your palate.

*It’s not too late to book those Valentine’s day reservation for you and your gluten-free sweetheart.

Senza Gluten Located at

206 Sullivan St

New York, New York


For Questions & Reservations:

Tel: +1 212-475-7775

Email Senza Gluten – or check out their website

Senza Gluten

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