This week is my 5-month anniversary in the Big Apple. Does this mean I can stop considering myself a “newbie?” Well maybe to Manhattan, but certainly not to Brooklyn. Will I ever understand how to get around that mysterious land? I’m not sure. But am I willing to venture out there in hopes of a great meal? 100%.


So last week I set out to meet my friend at Hook and Cleaver, a brand new “beefsteak-club” in Greenpoint. Beefsteak Club is the name or nickname of several 18th and 19th century male dining clubs that celebrated beef. But not to worry ladies, Hook and Cleaver is not exclusively for males. It is instead a celebration of prosperity via Beefsteaks. (Just to be clear, the menu does include other delicious items besides the steak).

hook and cleaver

Finding that Brooklyn lacked steakhouses, (specifically those that are hip, low key, and have a steak cart girl bringing daily cuts of beef to your table) Chef Diana DiMeo came up with the idea for Hook and Cleaver.  To help create the authenticity of a Beefsteak Club, Hook and Cleaver is only open Thursdays-Saturday, 6pm to 11pm. And if you’re not sure if you mixed up the address and instead ended up at the completely wrong spot, then great job, because you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be. Bearing no name on the outside, only the number 68 for the address, the restaurant gives off a secretive, exclusive vibe, similar to the traditional Beefsteak club.

Hook & Cleaver


The Mystery of Hook and Cleaver

Feeling nervous to enter this mysterious, exclusive looking building, my friend and I crept open the door and immediately our nerves disappeared. The friendly hostess greeted us immediately and reassured us that we were in the right spot. We were then brought to our table and introduced to our server. He thoroughly explained the restaurant, its concept, and all the daily specials. Soon after, as promised, a “steak cart girl” came by our table to show off all the glorious pieces of meat. This night the cart featured the T-bone, ribeye, strip, and the hanger. As always, we asked the server for their recommendation and went with that – the T-Bone, and the hanger.  I was also happy to hear that all of their meat is fed a vegetarian diet. We tacked onto our order a few starters and sides, including the lamb ribs, Brussels sprouts, and the sautéed mushrooms and spinach.

hook and cleaver

So did we pick up our bones and scrape off every last piece of meat? OH you bet we did! Prepared exactly as we requested, the meat was delectable. The sides weren’t showy, but they were simple and done how I like, pairing wonderfully with the meat. Overall my friend and I loved our meal and experience at Hook and Cleaver. Safe to say I’m happy this Beefsteak Club allows women. What started as a great adventure, luckily ended with an even greater meal. Hook and Cleaver, I’ll be back for more.

Hook & Cleaver

Things you need to know before going to Hook and Cleaver (from their website):

open Thur thru Sat only, from 6pm to 11pm
Benedict,their brunch house open Sat & Sun coming soon

68 greenpoint ave
Brooklyn, NY, 11222


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