Finding Awesome beer in NYC might sound like an easy task.  This past week I found love, hops and fermentation at two awesome beer spots in NYC.

The first Awesome spot for Beer in NYC

On my adventure around eateries in Grand Central I spotted a literal hole in the wall that is not to miss. Beer Table To-Go  is an ideal location to hit up before a commute home or to fill a growler to bring to a party. Beers are arranged by taste and price, quite helpful for beer novices. They also stock rare and pricey bottles if you need a unique gift for a beer lover. On the day I went Megan was the one working there, she is one of the most knowledgeable and helpful people I’ve ever met at a craft beer store. If you head to Beer Table To-Go don’t be shy to ask for recommendations! Beer Table To-Go also has to-go jars, like a growler you pay a one time purchasing fee for the jar. Store this bad boy in your briefcase and you can fill your jar with any of their beers on draught for about 6 dollars. For myself I picked up a Two Roads Brewery Workers Comp Saison for about 4 bucks. I enjoyed the brew on my train ride home. The bottle even taught me a little, “Saisons were originally created to compensate Belgian farm workers.” How cool, thanks Two Roads! I’ll defiantly be making stops at Beer Table To-Go  after the more stressful days of trying to Eat Up New York.

Beer in NYC


The Second Awesome Spot for Beer in NYC

I must have walked past Top Hops many many times without ever realizing I was missing out on finding the spot that I should have been heading to. As you may have noticed from my reviews, I hang out around Orchard St quite frequently. So, here is another must check out spot in the neighborhood. Top Hops is the quiet bar on the LES I have been looking for. With 20 draught lines, 600+ bottles/cans, and helpful bartenders you are bound to find a beer you will love at Top Hops. One of the coolest things about this spot is their offering of beer classes. They already have two scheduled classes for this month and more will be up on the site soon. If what you’re looking for is a place to pound beers and shots on your night of partying, skip Top Hops (I wouldn’t want you harshing my mellow). Instead, if what you’d like is a quiet bar to talk with a friend or loved one and bond over beers, I’ll meet you there and we can Drink Up New York.

Beer in NYC

Beer in NYC from Beer Table To-Go  @Grand Central

Beer in NYC from Top Hops – 94 Orchard Street, NY, NY

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