Sometimes I am amazed that a neighborhood like Sheepshead Bay still exists and is located in Brooklyn. I spent my youth here and took for granted just how special and beautiful it was and still remains. In the Summer and Spring the area comes alive with fishing and party boats. Couples and families come to the bay (as I informally call it) for the scenic views and the food. There is a very wide assortment of restaurants along Emmons Avenue. Everything from Turkish to Italian food, but my favorite by far and most well-known is Randazzo’s Clam bar.

Randazzo’s has a long standing history in the Bay. The Bay was once a sleepy fishing village when in 1916 Jackie Randazzo’s dad caught and sold fish in the area. He eventually would open what is known today as Randazzo’s Clam Bar. Jackie spent her entire life working there and I can still picture the very classy woman smiling behind the cash register and asking how you enjoyed her fish. This is not a place to go for the ambiance, but rather for exceptionally great fish in a comfortable and friendly environment.

So How was the Food at Randazzo’s?

The lobster bisque and both the Manhattan and New England clam chowder soups, at Randazzo’s Clam Bar, are spectacular! As an appetizer I recommend Oysters, Clams, or the fried calamari. They also offer a combo plate of scungilli, mussels, shrimp and calamari served with Randazzo’s homemade hot or medium sauce. If you want a real treat, as a main dish I recommend the Shrimp Fra Diavallo on a Bed of Pasta served with shrimp ,clams and mussels in a homemade spicy red sauce. This dish will make you wonder what took you so long to find this place and how soon you can return.. I also love the broiled Tilapia. The Tilapia takes up the entire plate and is swimming in butter with fresh sliced lemon on the side.

Even if you can’t make it there during the spring and summer months it is always worth a trip to Sheepshead bay just to eat at Randazzo’s Clam Bar.  For another Sheepshead Bay gem check out my write up on Anthony’s

Randazzo’s Clam Bar-

2017 Emmons Ave. Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn.-
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