It’s easy to go overboard on Matzah, as it’s one of the few ways to satisfy your craving for bread during the 7 days of Passover. Somehow those 7 days without bread feel like an eternity, so we do whatever it takes to try and satisfy that “desperate need” for bread, aka eat Matzah like it’s all we’ve got. Matzah brie for breakfast, Matzah turkey sandwich for lunch, Matzah pizza for dinner, and of course you have to end the day with a large piece of chocolate covered matzah. Oy vey I have a stomachache already.

This year, let’s try and find healthier ways to spend this holiday, instead of relying solely on Matzah. With the following delicious ideas, you can definitely avoid feeling like a big piece of cardboard by the end.


  1. Quinoa “oatmeal” – Quinoa is widely considered Kosher for Passover, as it’s really a seed, not a grain. Simply cook quinoa according to the packages directions, replacing water with milk for a creamier texture and add mix-ins such as fresh fruit, nuts and seeds. (The Cranberry Apple Breakfast Bowl on this list sounds awesome!)
  2. Yogurt parfait – Using your favorite brand of yogurt, create a parfait by alternating layered scoops of yogurt with fresh berries, apple slices, slivered almonds, and (generous) drizzles of honey.
  3. Spring Frittata– use up your veggies and create a frittata that’s easy to take on the go or heat up for a quick breakfast.

Passover Lunch

  1. Salad- Okay, obvious choice, but lets make these salads more fun! Using quinoa as your staple item again, try these for a savory lunch.


  1. For pasta lovers, I’d like to introduce you to your Passover best friend; the Spiralizer. Create noodles out of veggies like zucchinis, sweet potatoes, cucumbers, beets, and so many more. For amazing recipes and a spiralizer tutorial videos, check out their website
  2. Sticking with the pasta theme, have you ever tried spaghetti squash? These recipes will have you questioning why it’s taken you so long to discover the magic of the spaghetti squash.
  3. Okay, I promise this is the last time I bring up quinoa, but this Pizza recipe tastes much better than Matzah and won’t have you feeling like cardboard.

Passover Dessert

Chocolate Matzah is usually loaded with sugar, caramel, and of course tons of Matzah. Too much of it is just nauseating, but I’m a firm believer in ending a meal with something sweet. For a lighter choice this Passover, try the following recipes.

  1. Chocolate Bark
  2. Coconut-almond Thumbprint Macaroons
  3. Grain-free blueberry crumble (Make sure coconut flour is K for P, kosher for Passover!)
  4. 3 Ingredient Chocolate fudge, perfect for fruit fondue!
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