I’m always cautious of veggie burgers when I see them on a menu. More often than not restaurants get by tacking a veggie burger on their menu by simply defrosting a store bought version and calling it a meal. And more often than not, they’re inedible. I can spot a frozen black bean burger from a mile away, and I stay away. No amount of chipotle aioli or avocado can help. But every once in a while, I’ll see “homemade veggie burger” on a menu and I’m instantly sold. Always on the prowl for the best veggie burger in the city, that vegetarians and carnivores alike can enjoy, I see it as my duty to try them all. Over the past year I’ve tried my fare share of handcrafted meatless patties and I’m here to tell you which beat out the rest.

1. Westville

My favorite restaurant for reasons way beyond their veggie burger. But seriously this veggie burger is one to try ASAP. Loaded with sautéed mushrooms and a spicy tartar sauce, their deep fried patty is almost like a fritter and even better when ordered with shredded Gouda. And make sure to order the sweet potato fries on the side.

Multiple Locations, website

2. Cafeteria – Veggie Burgers

I love a place that lets you get your burger wrapped in a lettuce wrap, as well as a veggie patty that is hearty and doesn’t crumble to pieces with the first bite. Cafeteria does both flawlessly. Their patty is full of beans, potatoes, rice, with a nice smokey barbeque flavor. It’s 100% vegan and 110% delicious. Toppings include crispy bean sprouts, creamy hummus, and the tradition lettuce, tomato, and onion.

119 7th Ave, New York, NY 10010, website

3. Superiority Burger

No longer just a pop-up shop (thank heavens), Superiority Burger opened its first retail location in the east village earlier this summer. The Talented pastry chef from Del Posto, Brooks Headley, who also happens to be the accurately nicknamed “Veggie burger master supreme” was determined to create a veggie burger just as mouth-watering delicious and messy as the traditional meat-lover’s burger. After trying many good and bad veggie burgers and a countless amount of hours testing recipes in the Del Posto kitchen, Headley has nailed it. He claims it’s all about overcooking some ingredients and undercooking others. This combination gives the patty that “real burger” quality. He then pairs the patty with the beloved Martin’s potato rolls, frill free iceberg lettuce, and your good ole plum tomato. It really is superior to the rest.

430 E. 9th street, New York, NY 10009, website

4. Bareburger – Veggie Burgers

Although known for proudly serving all free-range, pasture raised, antibiotic and hormone free meats, Bareburger offers not one, but three veggie burgers that hit the spot. Choose between Sweet Potato & Wild Rice(also Gluten Free), Black Bean, and Farmers Quinoa. All are dairy and nut free, perfect for anyone with allergies or a sensitive stomach, but still down to stuff their face with burgers. All three are great, but what really takes the veggie burger over the edge are the endless toppings. Don’t be stingy with the pineapple relish, guacamole, and curry ginger ketchup.

Multiple locations; website

5. By Chloe

Newest to the veggie burger game, By Chloe just opened its doors this summer in the West Village, and their entirely vegan menu almost seems too good to be true. But I assure you, dreams come true here. Chef Chloe Coscarelli’s Guac Burger is incomparable to the rest. With a patty made from black beans, quinoa, sweet potatoes, and then topped with corn salsa, onion, tortilla strips, chipotle aioli, and of course guacamole, you’ll be blown away by the first bite.

185 Bleecker Street, 212-290-8000; website

Any favorite veggie burgers we missed? Want us to try yours? Let us know!

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