This year is the third Annual Taste Of Gramercy Neighborhood event and this year is guaranteed to be packed with even more deliciousness! In the past year a lot has been going on in the Gramercy food scene, head to Taste of Gramercy Neighborhood to be sample all of these restaurants in one place! Here are some of the new restaurants that you can find at Taste of Gramercy Neighborhood (TOGN) and some of their most popular dishes that we love!


Javelina has gotten a lot of press for being one of the first TexMex places in NYC to get it right. At Javelina it’s not about being authentically Mexican, Javelina flourishes with TexMex pride in liquid cheese and frozen margaritas. The two dishes that have been most instagramed and will hopefully be on the menu at TOGN are the Bob Armstrong Queso and the San Antonio Puffy Tacos. While all the Queso options at Javelina both guarantee deliciousness and a cheese coma, the Bob Armstrong out does them all. It’s your choice of traditional or white queso topped with quacamole, ground beef, sour cream and pico de gallo. The San Antonio Puff Tacos start off with a air filled fried corn tortilla and come adorned with spicy marinated pork shoulder, pickled red onions, cilantro and cotija cheese.


Our hope and prayer is that Adalya shows up with some of their delicious octopus to TOGN. Adalya serves their beautifully grilled octopus with black garbonzo beans, English peas and a manzanilla reduction, this was the best octopus dish I’ve had all year. Our runner up would be the unique fried calamari Adalya does, the calamari come with fried artichokes also mixed in, the result is totally scrumptious.


Irvington uses the awesome produce and goods from the Union Square Greenmarket to create their delicious dishes. Irvington is known for their rotisserie specialties, any of those options do not disappoint on flavor! In addition to their delicious cuisine, Irvington also excels at scrumptious hand crafted cocktails. Their bottled sparkling Negroni is one of my favorite cocktails in the city!

Tasca Chino

You’ve heard of fusion cuisine but no body does it quite like Tasca Chino. At Tasca Chino they merge Spanish Tapas with Chinese Dim Sum, creating food that is perfect for sharing and tasting lots of different options! Embrace the unique combinations of flavors in the chorizo dumpings and their Paella de Coco with yellow curry!

Buy your tickets early for Taste of Gramercy Neighborhood, they’re available online now. Additional tickets will be available the day of but the prices will go up. TOGN proceeds will go to helping neighborhood schools develop a healthier lunch program and all leftover food with go to feed NYC’s homeless via The Bowery Mission.

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