They’re known by many names in many different languages, yet they’re recognized by all. Kicks, sneakers, trainers or whatever you call them are a serious, multi-billion-dollar business. In 2013, it represented $22 billion in the United States alone. You, however, are only concerned about your little corner of the market. NYC is one of the sneaker capitals of the worlds, filled to the brim with great places like department stores where you can get a good working pair of running shoes. If you’re looking for something a bit outside of the norm, you may want to check out the spots below for Sneakers in NYC.

Flight Club NY for Awesome Sneakers in NYC

If you’ve promised yourself that you won’t get sneaker pair #67 to add to your limited-edition collection, don’t take a stroll down Broadway after seeing Mad Max at the Regal Union Square movie theater. You will suddenly find yourself plastered against the windows of a loft-like space filled floor to ceiling with shelves of gorgeous basketball shoes, running shoes and every other kind of sneaker. Stacked beautifully on wooden shelves set against a brick wall stretching back as far into the room as the eye can see, this Flight Club is kryptonite for sneaker junkies. From $225 Air Jordan 11 Retro Low Georgetowns to $1700 Air Foamposite One NRG Galaxies to $10 beanies, there’s something for every budget and every taste in this consignment shop made to order for sneakaholics. Some shoes are lightly worn while others are in pristine, shelf-ready condition. All purchases are guaranteed authentic, so you don’t have to worry that you’re going to get scammed with a couple of Aire Jourdans.

812 Beoadway, NY, NY

Adidas Originals for Vintage Sneakers in NYC

If you’ve managed to avert your eyes away from Flight Club and decided to take a stroll down through Soho, don’t, don’t, don’t go to Wooster Street between Houston and Prince. If you do, you will find yourself sucked into entering an intriguing-looking store that is open to the street because of its garage-style doors that are flung open during business hours. This Sneakers in NYC store will be filled with beautifully displayed vintage and up-to-the-minute Adidas gear. If My Adidas was, is and always will be your jam, you’ll appreciate the selection of beautifully displayed kicks and clothes. Try the exquisitely beautiful lemony lime Men’s Originals SL Loop CT shoes for a look that blends the iconic Adidas three-stripe print with hip, aerodynamic styling. Not feeling anything in the store but still yearning for that Adidas vibe? Create your own shoe with the customization tools.

136 Wooster Street, NY, NY 10012

Premium Laces for Sneakers in NYC

If you prefer a little more of a hipster-not-hipster exclusive vibe when shopping for your Vintage Nikes, Premium Laces in Soho is your joint. This is the place to go when you’re looking for those hard-to-find Pumas that will help you register a 10 on the coolness Richter scale. Located on Spring between Crosby and Lafayette, keep your eye out for the great sales. Nothing beats an awesome pair of supras except two awesome pairs for the price of one.

68 Sprint Street, New York, NY 10012 (212) 334-4939

Do you have another favorite place for Sneakers in NYC?  Let us know about it in the comments below or end us an email.

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