Some people love their birthday month, some people love December for the Holidays and the romantics out there love February but as a foodie October takes the cake because it’s National Pasta Month. That’s right, an entire month devoted to eating pasta. So as an ode to National Pasta Month here are the top 3 places (in my humble opinion) to get pasta and more specifically Penne Ala Vodka in the city.

Bar Pitti

Although not listed on the menu as Penne Ala Vodka, Bar Pitti’s “Rigatoni Pitti” is hard to beat. These firm rigatoni noodles are in a light vodka sauce and for all the meat lovers out there they throw in some turkey sausage. Be sure to ask for (a lot) of fresh parm cheese on top and it’s a dish you will never forget.


Although the vibes at these two establishments couldn’t be farther apart, they have one thing in common and that’s Spicy Rigatoni Ala Vodka. The two are owned by the same group and thus have this amazing item on their menu. The difference is at Parm you get a lot more bang for your buck. The spicy Rigatoni Ala Vodka is a larger portion for about half the price. Don’t get me wrong, the spicy Rigatoni Ala Vodka at Carbone is unreal but if you’re hungry and payday isn’t until next week, I’d probably hit up Parm.


I wouldn’t describe Angelo’s as a cool or trendy place to hit up, it’s more along the lines of your neighborhood Italian restaurant but their penne ala vodka is no joke. The noodles are short and fat and the sauce fills up on the inside for maximum flavor. Order the penne ala vodka with a small pizza on the side and you’ll be set for the evening.

No matter which place you decide celebrate, you’ll be sure to have a great time and make your stomach happy. And even though National Pasta Month is almost over, it’s always a good day to eat pasta so feast on!

If you ever find yourself in the Bethesda (or College Park) area of Maryland be sure to go to Mama Lucia’s, hands down the best Penne Ala Vodka out there and where my love of Penne Ala Vodka all began.

Where To Go In NYC During National Pasta Month

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