I’ll let you in on a secret about me –  I have a strong sweet tooth for sour and gummy candies. When I first found out about Stieber’s Sweet Shoppe it sounded like my dream come true. Stieber’s is a spot where you can load up on candy without being trampled by tourists!

A Short History:

The first Stieber’s Sweet Shoppe location opened up in California about 3 years ago, and the second location opened in Manhattan approximately 5 months ago. Located on Bleecker Street, the New York Stieber’s Sweet Shoppe is nestled in between favorites like Village Music Store and Kati Roll Company. Lee, the force behind the NYC location, left her job in TV production to follow her sweet tooth.

What You’ll Find at Stieber’s Sweet Shoppe

First off, when you walk in it’s hard not to be astounded by the numerous kinds of fudge on display. Cool enough, Lee makes all of the fudge in house! We loved the chocolate and salted caramel flavor. Secondly, the store is gorgeous. It’s easy to forget you’re in a candy store and not a boutique. There is candy floor to ceiling on each wall, like you are in an igloo made of candy (yes, please).

Stieber's Sweet Shoppe

Lee, like me, loves gummy and sour candies! And believe me when I say they have an awesomely huge selection of gummies! Some of my favorites include their 12 flavors gummy bears (including peach, mango and watermelon) and the sour smooch lips! You won’t believe how many different kinds of unique candy they have. Don’t forget to check out their gummy Super Mario characters!

Stieber's Sweet Shoppe

For those of you that are more fans of the chocolaty stuff, they have all the classics and then some! I’m talking birthday cake caramels (yes that is one thing), chocolate covered Swedish fish and chocolate covered pretzels! And for pure research purposes the Eat Up New York Team sampled: Milk Chocolate covered Pretzels, Chocolate Fudge, Chocolate S’mores Fudge, and Chocolate Covered Pretzel Balls. Needless to say, there isn’t a single piece of chocolate left!

Stieber's Sweet Shoppe

Lee is big on samples in her store. While this may sound obvious, you won’t believe how many similarly set up self-serve stores have big signs saying “No Samples!” This policy at Stieber’s Sweet Shoppe gives you the opportunity to try a kooky piece of candy before you commit to the price (and figure out if those chicken feet gummies really taste like chicken).

Stieber’s Sweet Shoppe isn’t just a kid’s candy store.

All afternoon the store had adult candy lovers coming in and out to sneak in their sugar fix. Stieber’s also has a great selection of gifts that would be good for anyone on your list. They make gift baskets but also stock all kinds of gifts like gummy shot glasses, Harry Potter Bertie Bott’s jellybeans and NYC chocolate bars. They also have Fudge making classes and just added a candy sushi making class at the store!   I am pretty sure we need an Eat Up New York class on fudge making  and maybe an Eat Up New York fudge flavor!

Use the link below to get a coupon for a free piece of fudge from Stieber’s Sweet Shoppe with your purchase!  Free Fudge!  And FYI…one piece will not be enough so make sure you stock up before the Valentine’s Day hoarders come out of the woodwork!

Stieber's Sweet Shoppe

Free Piece of Fudge at Steibers Sweet Shoppe

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