So by now I’m sure you’ve seen about a million Instagrams of the infamous Smorgasburg and if you haven’t been there yet you’re probably planning on trekking to Brooklyn with your besties sometime this summer. If that’s the case then here are a few tips to make the most of your trip to Smorgasburg.

Tips for the Smorgasburg Rookie

Wake up early and get there when it opens.

Smorgasburg opens at 11AM and if you want to beat the lines and the crowd be sure to get there on time. There’s nothing worse than being starving and not being able to get your [insert trendy food from Smorg here] as quickly as possible.

Make sure to go when the weather is juuuuust right

For most, Smorgasburg isn’t in the most convenient location, so if you’re going you want to make it the best day you can. Speaking from experience, waiting in the lines in 100 degrees, or the rain, is painful. Be flexible and patient and make sure you pick a day that’s sunny and not too hot.


You might think you can go there and wing it (I thought I could when I first went) but it is extremely overwhelming. There are about 100 vendors so you should know which places you want to eat at ahead of time. The website lists all of them but if I were you I’d check out the Instagram geotag as well. I’d also personally suggest the Home Frite truffle fries, the Mozz Bomb from Big Mozz NYC, an Arnold Palmer slushie from Kelvin Slush Co and top it all off with an ice cream sandwich from the Good Batch. Go big or go home, right?

Consider other locations

If there is something specific you want you might have other options than the traditional Sunday Smorgasburg at Brooklyn Bridge Park. There is a scaled down version of Smorgasburg that just opened up at the Seaport which is open daily from 11:00 AM- 8:00 PM. This allows you to get your Smorg fix whenever it is convenient for you!  They also have another one happening at Coney Island.  Smorgasburg is literally taking of the city!

Hopefully this guide helps all of the Smorg rookies out there and makes you that much more excited for your first (or 10th) trip to Smorgasburg. But whatever you do, make sure to Instagram it, because if you don’t Instagram it, did you really even go?

For more information on Smorgasburg check out their website.

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