It’s the worst feeling ever. 

You show up to the bar hyped up for kick off. Kenny Pickett jersey on, terrible towel in hand – but somehow you forgot. You live in New York City now. 

You try your hardest to get the bartender to put the game on, but you’re surrounded by Giants fans. It feels like there’s no chance of getting the Steelers on.

Steelers Nation, we have a solution for you. We know you’re in Jets and Giants territory now. But there’s a couple of great spots to catch a game surrounded by your fellow Steelers fans.

The Steelers have a lot of potential this season. A young, exciting core of Kenny Pickett, George Pickens, and Najee Harris can bring a lot of wins to Pittsburgh. What’s the only thing that can bring more excitement than that? Being surrounded by loyal Steelers fans.

Whether you’re a permanent resident staying loyal to Pittsburgh, or you’re just in the city for the weekend. Everyone needs a spot to watch the game. Keep reading to see what we think are the best bars in NYC to watch the Steelers.


If you could replicate the feeling of being at a Steelers game but in a bar, it would be Hibernia. Found in Midtown Manhattan, the bar is always packed on game days and the atmosphere is electric. 

Whether it’s Thursday Night Football, a prime time game, or (hopefully) the Super Bowl, Hibernia is the spot to be. 

They have plenty of TVs, so you won’t have any trouble finding a good seat to watch the game. They also have a great selection of beers on tap, including many from Pittsburgh. 

There’s not a bad seat in the house, and it’s only the Steelers on. No need to worry about that!

Get your terrible towel, and make your way to Hibernia for the next Pittsburgh Steelers game.


You might pass by Reservoir in Greenwich VIllage and think it’s just your regular sports bar. But once September rolls around it is almost like being transported back to Pittsburgh. 

Sunday afternoon rolls around and all you see is Black and Gold jerseys, could anything be better than that? Along with it being a great spot to see a football game, they have some delicious food as well.

The wings from Reservoir are some of the best in NYC. We know it can be tough to find good wings in NYC, Reservoir’s are great. Along with the wings, they have some fantastic burgers too, and none of the food is going to break the bank. It’s all very reasonably priced.

Printers Alley

Last but not least, Printers Alley in Midtown Manhattan. Printers Alley is a huge bar that is definitely going to have the Steelers on. 

It might not have the electric environment that Hibernia has. But it’s a great lowkey spot to get a couple of beers and watch the game.

Kick back at Printers Alley, enjoy a cold beer, and watch the Steelers get a win!

The Best Bars to Watch the Steelers Game in New York City

Steelers fans, have you been to any of these bars? If you haven’t, you gotta try and make it out for a game this season! In our opinion, these are the best bars in NYC to watch the Steelers.

Do you have any spots that we might’ve left out? Let us know!

If you’re looking for more spots to get a bite to eat or a cold beer in NYC, take a look at some of our other articles now!

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