Finally, the crisp fall weather is back. You know what that means, the best holiday of the year is right around the corner – Halloween. 

Maybe you’re a New York City local looking for a new spot to show off your costume. 

Or you might just be in the city for the night. 

Regardless, we got you covered when it comes to finding the right spots to hit for Halloween. 

The Headless Widow

If you’re looking for a place to go all out with your costume, it’s The Headless Widow. It’s almost like walking into halloweentown, they create a fully immersive (and spooky) experience. 

Right as you step in you’ll notice more than just the extravagant decorations. The Headless Widow delivers a great Halloween experience and even better food and drink.

They bring a new elevation to food and drink at a bar. You can stick to your bar food staples there, or you can reach for something unique. Maybe grab their oysters or wagyu burger for an elevated type of bar food. 

Along with that, the drinks at The Headless Widow are to die for. They bring an unforeseen creativity to their drink menu. And to be honest, there really is no bad option when it comes to picking a drink. Nothing too overpowering, but every drink delivers a delicious taste. 

Beetle House

You might’ve already guessed it, but this Beetlejuice inspired bar brings a lot of Tim Burton’s work to life. Just as Tim Burton would, this bar brings some over the top decorations, especially on Halloween night.

Beetle House goes from bar to haunted mansion on halloween night, with everyone and the bartenders in costume! They even change up the drink menu, giving you the chance to order the “Bloodbath” or the “Edward ScissorHands”. This atmospheric bar is one of the best spots in the city to celebrate the spookiest night of the year.

The High Note

The High Note is a classic New York City tavern located in the East Village. It’s known best  for its delicious food, extensive beer selection, and creative cocktails.

However, on Halloween night The High Note transforms into a haunted speakeasy. This Halloween themed bar is a great place to celebrate with friends. It’s almost like walking into a haunted house, and you can get some special halloween themed cocktails as well – like the “Poisoned Apple” or “Witches Brew”.

The Auction House

The Auction House is already a historical and mythological feeling bar on any normal night. So it doesn’t take much to fully transform it into the haunted castle that it becomes on Halloween. 

Located in the Upper East Side, it gives the perfect alternative to your regular college bar in the area. If you’re looking for the perfect date spot for Halloween night, or just want some affordable drinks with friends, this spot could be for you. 

Best Bars in NYC for Halloween

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