My brother and I both celebrated our 25th and 22nd birthdays last week and were in need of somewhere to go for one of our typical family dinners. If you’ve read anything of mine by now you would know I’m a die-hard pasta eater and as much as I love cool trendy places, I like quality over trend. My brother on the other hand could not be more different. He has to go to the latest and greatest place that’s always in the scene. Although The Stanton Social blew up (that is figuratively not literally) last year, it was still deemed trendy enough by my brother thus it was the destination of choice.

Tapas are the perfect style of food for my fam, since no one is a huge eater (except me of course) we were able to get a bunch of small plates and sample everything. We started off with the French Onion Soup Dumplings, a Stanton Social favorite. Six small dumplings come in a classic French onion soup crock with a ton of melted cheese on top. Up next were the goat cheese and potato pierogis. I’ve recently been on a goat cheese kick, so these were right up my alley. They were recommended to us by the waiter and I’d have to agree, definitely something worth trying.

The next two plates we got we’re both in the fish category, the red snapper tacos and the Maryland style jumbo lump crab cakes. Tacos and crab cakes are both options that could really be hit or miss but at The Stanton Social they were most definitely a hit. The red snapper in the tacos was mixed nicely with mango with a crunchy taco shell. As a girl who just graduated from University of Maryland, I know a good crab cake when I taste one, making me hesitant to order this place but to my surprise it lived up to the Maryland title.

Because it was a birthday celebration we had to end the night with their birthday cake milkshake shot. It was made with birthday cake ice cream and Maker’s mark topped with sprinkles on the rim, the perfect dessert shot. As a birthday princess I insisted that we finished strong with a molten lava cake because we needed something to blow the candles out of! You only turn 22 once, am I right?

I wasn’t exactly thrilled to be going to The Stanton Social initially, I thought it’d be over priced mediocre food, but to my surprise it was not. The dinner was much better than I anticipated and there wasn’t anything that we ordered that I wouldn’t get again. Although it’s definitely on the pricier side, it’s a great move if you have a birthday to celebrate or you’re just feeling luxurious.

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The Stanton Social
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