It’s no big mystery that local and seasonal foods taste better. Yes, they have a slew of nutritional benefits as well, but what keeps me coming back again and again to the farmer’s market is simply the taste. If you’ve never had a farm fresh tomato mid summer, than you’ve never truly tasted a tomato. But as much fun as I have buying all the wonderful fruits and veggies the farmer’s market has, I’m clueless on how to bring out their best flavors. My biggest fear (and what has happened) is that I will screw it up in the kitchen and end up with a burnt, tasteless disaster. What a waste of perfect produce! Well luckily, farm-to-table restaurants are popping up all over this city, allowing me to leave all the work to genius chefs who make magic out of seasonal goods.

For instance, The Little Beet Table, is serving up a gluten free and veg-focused menu that highlights all of your seasonal favorites. They literally have a salad appropriately named “The Farmer’s Market Salad”. Ingredients include “everything that’s in the market”. Conveniently located two blocks from my home, I obviously had to check it out immediately.

The Low Down on The Little Beet

Between 24th and 25th on Park Avenue, The Little Beet Table has their first sit-down space, a follow up to their popular lunch spot Little Beet. The space is quaint, but spacious, with two large communal style tables in the middle. The menu is definitely more geared towards your veggie loving, gluten hating friend, but the LBT burger will even please your omnivore pal. I tried many of their appetizers and sides, almost too full for a main course, but I pushed past the fullness and went for it. Oh and some dessert to top off the meal. Some standouts include the roasted sweet potatoes with smoked sea salt and olive oil. These were not your average roasted sweet potatoes. They were beyond perfect. Imagine large wedges with the perfect amount of smokiness. I would go back just for those! Other top choices included the quinoa risotto and a seasonal side, which was a hybrid of kale and Brussels sprouts – basically the trendiest side dish of 2014.

The Little Beet

Roasted Sweet Potatoes

The Little Beet

Quinoa Risotto













Founders Aurify Brands, Andy Duddleston and Franklin Becker vowed, with The Little Beet, to meet the three core elements of a great restaurant – quality food, design, and hospitality. All three elements were met with my first visit and I can’t wait for my next.

Pro tip: Call ahead to reserve a table! Not surprisingly, this place is becoming quite the popular joint!

How have you not tried this place? Beets me 😉

See here for more information and to reserve your table.

The Little Beet Table
333 Park Avenue South – Bet 24th & 25th Streets
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