Weeks after making headlines for stealing funny, The Fat Jew is ruining Ramen

Even The Fat Jew’s presence is angering many involved with the New York City’s Wine and Food Festival — no memes involved.

When Chrissy Teigen dropped out as host of the Late Night Ramen Party, The Fat Jew was named as her replacement and the man behind much of that event is outraged. Kenji López-Alt, managing culinary director for Serious Eats has pulled his publication from the event, and after a post on Facebook he has influenced others to follow suit.

So far 4 restaurants (Jin Ramen, Ivan Ramen, Yuji Ramen, Mu Ramen) and one artisan noodle maker (Sun Ramen) have followed López-Alt out of the venue and off of the menu.

Kenji López-Alt is not carrying on with the event for 2 main reasons.

  1. The host.

In an excerpt from his original Facebook post about opting out of the NYCWFF event he describes The Fat Jew as,

“the antithesis of everything I represent in the media world. He unapologetically steals other people’s work, stripping it of the creators’ identities. He is a plagiarist, a thief, a misogynist, and absolutely the wrong choice of co-host for a food event, or really any respectable event. That it comes at a time when there’s huge media backlash against him is even more baffling to me.”

  1. This was something that Serious Eats, specifically Kenji, has been planning for over 5 months.

This event was a passion project, a labor of love. Kenji López-Alt worked with his team to start the events website, bring in the most talented chefs and best suppliers from around the world. But on Monday morning, about two weeks ago, he opened the official page and saw, not what he had been planning but a Fat Jew themed Ramen Party.

Sadly this year we will not see what was originally planned for that evening’s event. Kenji López-Alt is confident that the charities who benefit from the event will still fulfill ticket sales with the new host. Maybe the NYCWFF will be apologetic to Kenji López-Alt in the future but for now they are going with The Fat Jew themed Ramen Party – hopefully with more clothing than his last ramen party.

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