You may have a favorite dessert or favorite spot to grab something sweet. What you may not have is an invitation to a pop-up bakery that changes location and menus. The Drawing Room is exactly this and more.

At Drawing Room events you can have your cake and do much more than eat it. This group facilitates a unique experience in which they are infiltrating different spaces across New York City. You may find yourself eating an olive oil cake with a sesame drizzle in a hidden garden, or having a Spiced Spritzer in a coffee shop. Either way it is a win, win situation. People jam pack these pop-up events and enjoy desserts and drinks that experiment with different flavor profiles. It is more than just about great treats but also having the chance to meet new people in unassuming locations. Part of the Drawing Room’s goal is to have people come together to try something new, while breaking down boundaries and starting conversation with someone new.

Next time you get a craving for something sweet see if you can track down the Drawing Room. Be prepared for the excitement of the unknown mixed in with satisfying treats for your sweet tooth. You can subscribe to receive invites to future events by checking out: . For further information, please email

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