If you’re planning on being in New York this Thanksgiving, and you’re unsure of what to do the night before, then you may want to check out Thanksgiving Eve NYC. For those of you who don’t know, Thanksgiving Eve is essentially the biggest drinking event of the year (its’ only competitors are St. Patty’s Day and New Year’s) so that should give you some idea of the debauchery that ensues on November 26th. Beer and liquor will flow freely on this night, a week from now, as bars across the city open their doors for what we’re sure will be a memorable night. But, which bars should you go to? There are about a thousand of them, and since I can’t give rave reviews to all of them, I’ve picked out some of my favorite bars in the Five Boroughs which should help you get happily drunk for a reasonable price. Here are the Thanksgiving Eve NYC spots you won’t want to miss.

Thanksgiving Eve NYC – The Best Bars

1.       Sputyen Duyvil

I went here a few weeks ago with a group of friends because, apparently, this Belgian establishment is the 2nd best beer bar in America (and the best one in New York). Did it live up to expectations? Oh, yes. With just a few taps and an owner that knows what he’s doing you’ll never have to worry about getting a flat beer (or one that you recognize for that matter). Spuyten Duyvil imports beer from Belgium, France, Sweden, Japan, the U.K., Germany and Finland. So, if you want good food, good beer and a bit of a surprise for Thanksgiving Eve NYC then this Williamsburg brew pub is the place for you.

2.       Public House NYC

If surprises aren’t really your thing and you prefer a more comfortable, consistent and quality experience (comfort meaning a drink menu that you can recognize) then this midtown sports bar has got you covered. Public House will make you feel at home this holiday season and with a three hour, $40 open bar on Thanksgiving Eve we’re sure it won’t be too difficult to make yourself comfortable. Granted, it’s nothing flashy but it offers an experience that you would expect at a quality midtown bar. Plus, can you really pass on a $40 open bar? I think not.

Thanksgiving Eve NYC is only a week away, but hopefully these bars give you a place to start your night of debauchery on a high note. Stay safe and Happy Holidays!

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