As someone who is cursed with a major case of indecisiveness, a place like the Gansevoort Market would usually be my greatest nightmare. With the many vendors and options, and each seeming better than the next, how would I ever decide? But sure enough, while I floated aimlessly around the market, a bright, colorful macaron vendor stood out among the rest and I knew my decision had been made.

With over a dozen consistent flavors, as well as seasonal varieties, Dana’s Bakery is changing how we traditionally think of the classic French treat, the colorful Macaron. The creative force behind this colorful Macaron empire, Dana Loia, was surprised by the lack of variety in flavors she saw on the market, and knew more could be done. By adding familiar flavors to this traditional treat, she created an artisanal line of American flavor inspired colorful Macarons, revolutionizing this classic. With flavors like S’mores and Red Velvet, you’ll be sure to feel a sense of nostalgia with every bite.

Though I typically do not have the biggest sweet tooth, I’m always willing to try something different that I have never seen before, even if it is a sugary sweet concoction. AKA There was no chance I was walking away from Dana’s sweet potato pie macaron, which is part of their November Holiday Pie box. And boy did it not disappoint. Though the treat itself is small, just one bite was bursting with flavor and brought me right back to the good ole days of baking homemade pies with the family on Thanksgiving.

Colorful Macaron - Sweet Potato picture that was featured by Dana's Bakery on their Instagram & Facebook feeds!

Sweet Potato Macaron picture that was featured by Dana’s Bakery on their Instagram and Facebook feeds!

When it came to decide what to order, I chose to “Build-A-Box” and hand selected the 12 that appealed most. I went with all three in the November Holiday Pie line, Sweet Potato, Pecan, and Berry Cobbler. And for the remaining 9, I asked for my box to be filled with their personal favorites, which were all received well at the Eat Up New York headquarters. Some standouts were S’mores, Fruity cereal, and Thin Mint.

Colorful Macaron Box for the Eat Up New York Office

Dana’s Bakery Build a box built for the Eat Up New York Office

Although a bit pricier, ($30 to build a box of 12) after one bite you know you’re getting your money’s worth. And if you have ever tried baking these yourself, you know that an impressive amount of precision and skill must go into every batch, making these well worth the expense.

So for this holiday season, avoid the frustration that comes with a botched batch of burnt cookies, and instead try something new and place your order for Dana’s delicious and unique colorful Macarons!


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