Here in the city I’ve found that, for many, lunch tends to be a tough meal to “get right” during the week. Perhaps you’ve scheduled too many meetings during the day and must settle for a lousy protein bar. Or maybe the few decent places around your office never seem to hit the spot. Whatever the issue may be, lunch just never seems to satisfy. Us New Yorkers are busy people and as much as we’d like to take a full, relaxing hour during the day, we simply do not have that kind of luxury.

Enter: Spreads Sandwich Shop on Park Avenue.

Born out of the creative brains behind Dishes, this fairly new eatery promises to upgrade your next lunch (and breakfast) hour, by serving you anything but lousy.

This upscale lunch spot came on the NY food scene a little over a year ago with a simple desire to solve your breakfast and lunch dilemma, while keeping it local, fresh, and creative. They make almost everything in-house and locally source their produce as much as they can. They even have an in-house smoker, which they use to smoke all of their meat and fish on the premises! And with one look at the menu, you too will see how the wide variety of items will surely please everyone and every dietary need.

On a recent visit there, I wanted to see for myself if Spreads Sandwich Shop on Park Avenue would be my new answer for lunch. In short, 100% yes.

Upon my arrival, I took a quick look at the menu and instantly became overwhelmed, in the best way possible. Smoothie? Breakfast? Sandwich? Salad? Dessert? I had no idea, but I did appreciate how every item was properly labeled, making ordering a breeze for those of us with special dietary needs.

After much thought, I chose to start with their homemade Hibiscus tea. They steep the hibiscus flowers in-house and add just enough agave to satisfy my sweet tooth. I then ordered the only vegan sandwich on the menu, (but certainly not the only vegan option!) the Coconut Bacon, which includes applewood-smoked coconut “bacon” (created with their in-house smoker), avocado, tomato, house greens, and their house made vegan mayo. I also swapped the seven-grain bread for their specialty gluten free bread, which turned out to be the best gluten free bread I’ve ever had.

Spreads Sandwich Shop

Coconut Bacon Sandwich

Overall, I was quite impressed with everything I tried and Spreads Sandwich Shop itself. They are using inspiration from all over the world and bringing their innovative ideas back home to NYC to whip a menu that is unique and different full of flavors we’ve never tried before. As their website states, they simply want to “serve all those who appreciate creative recipes, health-conscious options, and meticulous preparation on the go!” So if this sounds like you, look no further because I have found your go-to lunch spot. You can thank me later.

Pssst if you can get there before 11am, you must try their breakfast. Eat Up New York’s own Chief Libation Officer went with the Croissant and Egg Sandwich, which he claimed to be the “BEST egg sandwich he’s ever had”. AKA this place does not disappoint.

Spreads Sandwich Shop

Croissant and Egg Sandwich

The Croissant & Egg Sandwich at Spreads Sandwich Shop is comprised of an over-easy organic cage free egg, Gruyere cheese, black truffle spread on a toasted balthazar croissant.  The Head Honcho at Eat Up New York (The big Cheese if you will) told us this sandwich was “Mouthwatering Deliciousness from the beginning to the very last bite.  I am already craving the next one.”  What else can you say but check this place out!

Spreads Sandwich Shop Located on Park Avenue, between 29th and 30th.

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