Catch NYC is a seafood lover’s dream. Found off the cobblestone streets in the heart of the Meatpacking District, resides Catch NYC. The entrance to the bi-level restaurant wasn’t too obvious when we arrived. Once you go through the front door you head up to Catch from the elevator in the lobby area. Stepping off the elevator and onto the first floor of Catch NYC, you feel the chic and trendy vibe that is to be expected.

We were dining with eight people so naturally we all didn’t arrive at the same time. The first of us headed towards the bar area which was packed on a Wednesday evening. A handful of guests were having drinks at the bar tables and ordering some of Catch’s signature seafood dishes.

Cozy Booth at Catch NYC

Once our party was all there we were seated on the second level of the restaurant. A cozy booth (my favorite) was the perfect dining table for us. After staring at the dinner menu we were quickly able to decide on which appetizers to start the group off with. But let’s be honest – I clearly was looking at the menu all week in anticipation of eating here.

Our first course was an assorted oyster selection for the table. One of my personal favorite ways to start off any meal. They were very fresh, in fact needed little to no sauces on top.

Now let’s get to one of the most delicious dishes I have ever had, the Mahi Mahi Wonton Tacos. Yes that is right Mahi Mahi Wonton Tacos. Now I have had these at other restaurants in the past and haven’t been too crazy about them, until now. Catch NYC serves fresh mahi mahi with guacamole, tomatillo and lime in these crispy wonton shells. They were so flavorful and a must order if you’re a fan of mahi mahi.

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Crunchy Rice Cakes were the next obvious order for us. All I needed to see was tuna tartare and crispy rice and that was a done deal. They only serve about 4 per plate so definitely order a couple plates of this if you are in a big group, you will definitely want more than one to dip in wasabi.

The group of us got a variety of entrees from the Simply Cooked section of the Catch NYC menu. This part of the menu is pure genius. If you are someone who likes to pick exactly how your meal is prepared (I am guilty here) this is a dream come true. Catch NYC offers several types of fish and meat for you to choose from. You then get to decide which sauce you’d like your entree prepared with: spicy tomato, lemon herb olive oil, tamarind brown butter, or mango pineapple salsa. The simply grilled swordfish with lemon herb olive oil was basic and while it didn’t stand out amongst anything else, it was completely satisfying. The sides accompanied the entrees well and the Parmesan Truffle Fries were a hit at the table if you are a french fry lover.

Catch NYC

Closing out the meal we ordered the S’mores Pizza. S’mores are by far one of my favorite indulgences (dark chocolate only – never milk). I was a little apprehensive to having it as a pizza but after taking one bite of burnt marshmallow ice cream mixed with chocolate on thin crispy pizza crust, I was sucked in.

Catch NYC also offers a great atmosphere for after dinner drinks and a nightlife scene. It was the perfect place for a large group of us to enjoy a night together. Next time it will need to be warmer out so we can head out on the roof afterwards.

For more information on Catch NYC check out their website

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