This afternoon my best friend came into New York City to surprise me. She was ravenous after a long morning of traveling and we both looked at each other and immediately knew where we wanted to eat, Rubirosa. Located in Nolita amongst several other Italian restaurants, Rubirosa is one of a kind and hard to stay away from.

Can’t go wrong with Pizza at Rubirosa

Although the pizza is the main attraction on Rubirosa’s menu, there are several other dishes worth trying. Depending on your hunger level I would say start with the “Rubirosa” salad. It contains arugula, tomato, fresh mozzarella, homemade croutons and fresh Parmesan. They named the salad after their restaurant so you have to believe it’s going to be amazing, and let me reassure you that it is.

Another appetizer that I would try is the eggplant Parmesan. This small dish is packed with flavor and will leave you with enough room in your belly to still be hungry for the pizza.

Rubirosa NYCEach time I have been to Rubirosa I’ve been beyond stressed about which type of pizza to get. Thankfully, they allow you to get one pizza with each half being a different style. I tend to get at least one half-vodka sauce and then I’ve switched around what I’ve gotten on the second half. This time, I got the Arugula, which had cherry tomato, Parmigiano, and balsamic onions (that makes it healthy, right?). I’d give it an A+ but if you want to try something a little more low key I’d recommend the tie-dye. It’s a mix of vodka and tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella and pesto.

The crust on the pizza is relatively thin so you don’t walk out feeling like you’re going to explode even if you and your friend devour an appetizer and a large pie. So if you’re in the area (or anywhere relatively close) I’d head over to Rubirosa. Just make sure you call ahead because space is limited and they don’t always take reservations. And let me tell you, nothing is worse than a thirty-minute wait while you’re standing there drooling over someone else’s dinner.

Rubirosa Ristorante – Website

235 Mulberry Street (Between Prince & Spring)
New York, NY

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