You wouldn’t expect a restaurant called the Pickle Shack to be anywhere else besides Brooklyn. Pickle Shack, found in the Gowanus section of Brooklyn, is what any other pickle connoisseur, like myself, would call heaven.

Jordan found the Pickle Shack

My fiancé, Jordan, actually came across Shamus Jones’ Pickle Shack online during his endless quest for tasting new beers. Dogfish head is on tap at the Pickle Shack, which is meaningful to the both of us since the creator of Dogfish Head, Sam Clagione, went to our alma mater Muhlenberg College.

We sat at the bar of the Pickle Shack as the restaurant was packed on a Saturday evening. We took a look at the menu noticing that they do not serve any type of meat or imitation meat here. For me that is heaven as I am a Pescetarian but for my carnivore beau, he was shocked not to see any chicken, lamb, or beef offered. The endless beer selection certainly made up for it as it took him longer to decide on what beer to drink first than what to eat for dinner.

Pickle Shack Serves us the Frickles

Frickles (aka Fried Pickles) are one of my guiltiest pleasures and something I look forward to indulging in when offered. We started off the meal with the fried hop pickles in lemon aioli. They were served in a mini cast iron skillet between the two of us. Jord looked at my face, when they placed the skillet down, and knew this was going to be perfection. The pickles were so fresh and had just the right amount of fried layering on top. The lemon aioli sauce was a blast of flavor in my mouth and accompanied the pickles so tastefully.

Pickle Shack

For my main course I ordered the grilled romaine and Tuscan kale salad. I had never had grilled lettuce before but the idea of it sounded pretty cool. The grilled salad was topped with black beluga lentils with tarragon, meyer lemon (the best kind of lemon) dressing and toasted pine nuts (side note: this dish comes with shaved parmigiano but I kindly declined).

Jord ordered the house made Pickle Shack veggie burger filled with grilled veggies and mushrooms. Topped with pickles, ketchup, aioli and served on a potato roll. And for someone who no doubt orders a beef burger anywhere we go, he was taken back by how delicious it was.

The servers at the Pickle Shack were also super friendly and answered our many questions about the beers and food offered. The calm and cool vibe the shack gives off made me want to come there just to decompress after a long day (or maybe I was just in a pickle heaven).

For more information on the Pickle Shack check out their website


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