It’s no surprise that Roberto Caporuscio, who established Keste, is from Naples. The second I saw what the crust of Keste’s pizzas looked like, I had to go. Considering I walk passed Keste on a frequent basis, I was always peeking my head in, looking at the menu and making sure it is on my ginormous list of restaurants (particularly pizza restaurants) to go to in the city.

When the Pizza Urge Hits

A couple days ago Jordan and I had our usual urge for pizza. Now while we both really appreciate quality pizza, and crave it on the regular, we do not like the same toppings on our pies. Keste was a win-win for us as they offer around 50 pizzas (I stopped counting at 50) on their menu. Everything from specialty pies, to white pies, to red pies, to gluten free, they have it all. Since Keste doesn’t let you make your own pizza, and is pretty strict on making any changes, it’s a good thing they have so many options for us. There are also a variety of salads and appetizers on the menu but we had one thing on our mind and that was (piz)za.

The tables at Keste are pretty tight together but in the freezing cold in February, I didn’t mind. The service was on their game and really quick to take our order. I am pretty sure we were in and out of there under 45 minutes during prime time dinner time at 7:30.


What we ate at Keste

Jordan ordered the Prosciutto Cotto with tomato sauce, mozzarella, basil, prosciutto and extra virgin olive oil. I got the Prosciutto Arugula pie (prosciutto on the side to give to Jordan obviously) with mozzarella, arugula, basil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. They were both devoured – disappointing as I usually look forward to taking leftovers back (that means I don’t need to make lunch the next day for us). The crust was sensational and it reminded me so much of the pizza we had back in Italy.


We will definitely head back down to Keste when we need some quick quality pizza eats. Since our cravings seem to strike on the daily, that will definitely be soon.

Keste is located at 271 Bleecker Street, NY, NY.  For more information check out their website

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