Stop what you’re doing right now and listen up. Traditional, sensation Italian style pasta with Japanese ramen efficiency exists! IN NEW YORK! But only until tomorrow! Therefore you have T-minus 24 hours to head over to Pasta Flyer, a gluten free pasta pop up shop ending Saturday, December 20th at 3pm. Get There  ASAP! Challenge accepted?

After three years of research, development, and endless testing, Mark Ladner, New York City based Chef, has a created a patent-pending pasta bowl that combines the warmth of your Italian Grandmother’s cooking with a ready-to-eat ramen setting. AKA you get an authentic Italian pasta bowl in 6 minutes or less.

But Ladner couldn’t have done it without you! That’s right, Pasta Flyer is a crowd funded project through Kick Starter. After surpassing their original goal, they have officially launched their pop up tour around the US, starting here in NYC. With your help, they will continue their tour and serve you the best gluten free pasta you’ve ever had.

What you can get at Pasta Flyer

For under $10, you have your choice of pasta shape (screws, elbows, tubes), sauce(garlicky pesto, porcini crema, tomato marina). For an additional $3 you can add a protein (smokey bacon, soft egg, or  nonna’s meatballs). And don’t forget to check out their specials. When I dropped in, I had the treat of trying out their special vegetarian lasagna made with brown rice pasta and three types of cheese. Another special was the addition of shaved black truffles on any pasta of your choice. I mean, how could I not?

Pasta Flyer

Vegetarian Lasagna

Pasta Flyer

Gluten Free Pasta with Porcini Crema
and Shaved Black Truffles














Their website has a wonderful allergen chart featuring every item on their NYC pop up menu. Here you can see which food items do or do not contain milk, soy, dairy, etc. So worry not, because Pasta Flyer has something everyone can enjoy!

Even if you just have 6 minutes to spare tomorrow, I urge you to make your way down to 7 Cornelia street from 11:30-3pm.  I get that we are in the Holiday Season and you might have other plans but I would seriously consider altering them or making sure you have time to swing by Cornelia Street.

And for more information on Pasta Flyer, check out their site

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