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Not all of us are lucky enough to spend the holidays close to family and friends. And as someone who has moved from Dallas to Michigan and now New York, you can imagine how my family and friends are literally spread across the world. Luckily it’s 2014 and the Internet has the answer to every problem. Even when that problem is how to send your friend in California her favorite cookies, when her favorite bakery is located in New York. Sites such as Goldbely, Mouth, and Try The World will now allow you to send your favorite people their favorite treats with just the click of a button.  Each site has great gift ideas for just about everyone on your list or maybe even for yourself!


On Goldbely, you will find iconic regional food producers, such as Katz’s, shipping their incredible food items nation wide. But how good can a pastrami sandwich be after being shipped across the country? Goldbely ensures that each product is “packed and shipped specific to that item’s needs to ensure the freshest, most delicious food”. Okay, I’m sold. And right now Goldbely has great gift ideas, nicely organized on their site by price range, and by gifts suitable for each person on your list-the sweet tooth, the “ballers”, the dudes, etc. So stop stressing over what to get your favorite dude in your life and head over to Goldbely. You know he’ll be thanking you eternally for that Chicago Deep Dish Pizza.

Gift Ideas

Pastrami from Katz’s Deli
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Can’t make it to your favorite indie stores to shop for all your friends this holiday? Mr. Kanarick has solved your problem by creating Mouth, a Brooklyn-based site, which serves as an online marketplace for food products from independent makers nationwide. It even gives you the story behind each product and it’s maker. And for the holidays, they have nicely created specific categories for all your needs, such as gifts ideas for the “fill in the blank” lover, boozy gifts, stocking stuffers, and unusual gifts. From “Brunch in a Bag”, to “Gluten Free Goodies” you’ll surely find great gift ideas that are different and special for everyone on your list.

Gifts Ideas

Boozy Hot Chocolate
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Try The World

We all have that wanderlust friend who yearns to travel the world, but maybe are at a point in their life that unfortunately does not allow them such a luxury. Well, that’s the idea behind Try the World, a gourmet subscription service founded by two Columbia University grads that lets you explore the world through food. Because c’mon, we all know food is the best way to discover new cultures. Each month Try The World delivers a turquoise-colored box chock-full of a different country’s cuisine every other month, starting at $39 a box. This month’s box which is Paris themed. Bon appétit friends!

Please follow these links for more information and to find the perfect gift ideas for every foodie friend on your list!


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