Overnight Oats. One of the easiest, fastest and most nutritious breakfast options. I first started making Overnight Oats just over two years ago when I began working in Manhattan, and needed to eat my breakfast on my bus ride to work everyday. They were such a time saver in the morning, filled me up until lunch and I was able to make up to 5 at a time so I had breakfast set for the whole work week (every part of my OCD was satisfied by this idea).

My favorite part about OOs (Overnight Oats) are the endless possibilities on what to put in them. But let’s start with the basics of what you definitely need:

The Basics of Overnight Oats

• old fashioned oats (you can use quick oats but old fashioned are recommended)
• your favorite milk of choice (I personally use almond or coconut as I try to limit dairy intake)
• chia seeds (the most important part of overnight oats – do not omit)

And now we are going to get fancy with our oats. I always add these yummy ingredients to add more vitamins and nutrients:

• banana
• organic berries (frozen or fresh)
• cinnamon
• nut butter (I am a chunky peanut butter gal but up to you!)

Now you are probably thinking, is this chick serious? She wants me to use all of these ingredients for my breakfast? And the answer is yes, yes I do! You will be full until lunch, you will save time in the morning, and you will be excited to wake up in the morning knowing you get to eat your OOs!

Overnight Oats

Here are the measurements I follow:

• 1/2 or 3/4 cups oats (depends on how hungry you are)
• 1 cup of milk
• 1 tablespoon of chia seeds
• 1/2 banana sliced
• handful of berries
• dash of cinnamon
• spoonful of nut butter

Add oats, milk and chia seeds together into your mason jar or tupperware. Shake well. Add sliced banana, berries, cinnamon and nut butter. Stir until mixed well. Put into the fridge and enjoy the next morning!

Now I know some of you must have made Overnight Oats before. Leave some of your favorite toppings or recipes in the comments below.

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