I’m always looking for affordable dinner in the city, I mean who isn’t? Thai food is one of those cuisines that I won’t eat for a while and then I will crave for an entire month straight. I’m on a green curry kick right now, I also just purchased the Trader Joe’s new Green Curry Gyoza, and although they are delicious they weren’t satisfying my craving! I heard from a friend that Ruay Thai had some of the best, authentic and cheapest Thai food in the city. I decided to head over with Julie, the Eat Up New York Health Eater, to check it out!

Beer Hit the Spot

Ruay Thai is small but luckily it was not crowded. For such a small place I was impressed with their beer selection. I went with the UFO White from Harpoon Brewery. I scanned the menu and I knew that what I wanted for dinner would be green curry, but I was starving and debated whether or not to order a starter. I decided that I would just go with the curry and if I was still hungry I could always order more. I opted to get sticky rice with my curry instead of the jasmine that usually accompanies it, and shrimp as my protein. Julie ordered stir-fry with a roasted chili cashew nut sauce and brown rice on the side.

Ruay Thai Brought us to Spicy Tears

Our food came out quickly which, needless to say, I was very thankful for. Both the dishes Julie and I ordered, at Ruay Thai, had one chili pepper next to them on the menu, meaning they were spicy but not as spicy as the two chili pepper dishes. Julie clarified before ordering and asked how spicy her dish would be. Our waitress replied mild; however this was the case. Even through the runny nose and cry inducing spiciness Julie insisted that she loved her stir-fry. My curry was spicy as well but the right amount of heat for me and came with the perfect amount of rice to help even it out.

Ruay ThainRuay Thai

By the end of the meal I was totally satisfied and did not need to order any additional food. And for a bill of $20, what is not to love? Ruay Thai also has an awesome lunch menu that I will be ordering from in the future!

Ruay Thai is located on 2nd Ave and E 34th St

Check out Ruay Thai on the web


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