To be honest, I’ve never been a pasta lover. I don’t know exactly why, but maybe because it was never a staple in my family dinners, or maybe because once I became interested in health and nutrition, pasta never fit into this new lifestyle. All those carbs seemed unnecessary and also consistently left me with a stomachache.

Now now now, pasta is not the worst thing! But it’s not the best either, especially with how processed most are here in the states. Did you know that many Americans with a gluten intolerance can surprisingly tolerate gluten products like pasta in other countries, such as Italy and all over Europe? Mainly because the pasta we’re eating here is highly processed and includes many GMO’s, which are illegal in Europe.

So even though Pasta isn’t the worst, just for fun, let’s look at the nutritional value of your average bowl of pasta here in the US. Pasta is made from grain, so it’s energy-dense, aka high in calories. A one-cup serving of spaghetti has 220 calories, mostly from complex carbohydrates, with about 45g of carbohydates. Most pasta is made from refined grains that have had the husks removed, which gives it a lighter flavor and texture, but reduces the fiber content, as well as reduces the nutritional value.

These values shouldn’t be too shocking, but they may have you now wanting to find a healthier alternative that still tastes just as good as your favorite bowl of spaghetti.

Enter Pazzi Pasta

This fast-casual pasta joint is bringing organic freshly made healthy pasta (literally made in front of you) and locally-sourced sauces to one of the oldest Italian neighborhoods in Brooklyn. This family-owned establishments allows you to choose the type of pasta, sauce and toppings (very chipotle style). But what makes this pasta healthy? The chefs here focus solely on using the highest quality and organic ingredients, as well as only high nutrient and ancient grains, making the nutritional value of their pasta exponentially higher than others. Pasta options include, but are not limited to, Semolina, Farro, Kamut, as well as a gluten free pasta, which is a blend of 4 different gluten free flours.

Pazzi Pasta

Vegan & Vegetarian options at Pazzi Pasta

There are plenty of vegan and vegetarian options (veg balls!) as well as seafood based sauces and meat.   The salmon sauce is HIGHLY recommended! Organic house made sodas, espressos, and some desserts like chocolate ravioli and almond cookies are also available, with many of those also being gluten free.

Pazzi Pasta

And this pasta is the real deal people! The texture is perfectly chewy and al dente and the sauces and toppings taste exquisitely fresh. And the prices don’t hurt either, small bowls go for $10 and large go for $13. My personal favorite is the gluten free pasta with the vegan cauliflower sauce, wow! Even though I’m not pasta’s number one fan, I’m officially Pazzi Pasta’s #1 fan! I cannot wait to go back to try more options and seasonal items.

Pazzi Pasta Pazzi Pasta

Pazzi Pasta hosts cooking classes which allow you to get your hands dirty and make your own pasta, as well as eat it! Follow this link to sign up today.

Pazzi Pasta – Website
227 Smith Street, Brooklyn NY

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