Bobwhite Lunch & Supper Counter is the destination for those seeking fried chicken that is decently priced and transcends anything in our mortal world. The fried chicken is the mission here and, although I am a vegetarian, my companions dug into this dish with unrestrained enthusiasm and pleasure.

This decadent Southern classic is prepared by first bathing the chicken in house-made sweet tea then left to brine overnight. It is then dredged in milk, flour, salt, pepper, and a mix of secret spices before being cooked in a pressure fryer and transferred almost instantaneously to your plate. The finished product, in the flesh (too literally), has a dark golden crust that when cracked, reveals meat that is tender, juicy, and both salty and sweet.

(Keep in mind that guilt is just a social construct.)

I enjoyed a basket of piping-hot biscuits with honey and sides of mac and cheese and collard greens which I reluctantly shared with others. The biscuits were flakey and soft, the mac and cheese creamy and rich. If you don’t want bacon in your collards, Bobwhite is accommodating and even has a Pimento Cheese and Vegetarian Collards Sandwich for us veggies.

Bobwhite has limited table service, and diners place their orders at the counter. The atmosphere is distinctly New York. The tiny, one-roomed dining space is crammed with tall tables lined with stools where diners must frequently stand to let others pass between tables; homage to the City’s trademark overcrowding.

There is a solid list of alcoholic beverages of decently-priced European wines and a mix of domestic and international beers. HAPPY HOUR ALL DAY MON/TUES/WEDS! Your excuses are dwindling…

I went to Bobwhite for the first time with friends and was back again the very next week with my family. It’s just so tasty and fun and the kind of place you want to share with others!

Bobwhite Lunch & Supper Counter – Website
94 Avenue C, New York, NY

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