A Passover Seder is about family, tradition and faith, and you can have all of that even if you don’t spend this holiday in your home or the home of your loved ones. This year, invite everyone to feast at one of New York City’s restaurants. You’ll extend your group of family and friends by joining in the celebration with new friends from the community around you.
Some of these city restaurants offer traditional Seder dishes, while others offer a modern vision. Go out to eat this year so you can skip worrying about preparing the food and spend your time focusing on the celebration instead.

A New Take on a Passover Seder Tradition

Telepan is offering a “Seder-style dinner” for each table on April 3 and 4, 2015. While the restaurant is making its regular menu available as well at this time, a whole table has to have the Seder dinner together. The four-course meal costs $95. It includes alterations to the traditional menu, such as Spring Vegetable Soup with matzo balls and dill oil, and Hanger Steak and Brisket with vegetables on the side. To go with the meal, Telepan has kosher wines and Flourless Dark Chocolate Cake served with coconut sorbet.  For information on the Telepan Passover Seder check out their website

A Fusion-Style Family Dinner

Come to Balaboosta on April 6 at 6:30 pm for a Passover Seder dinner made with a fusion between the styles of two chefs: Balaboosta’s chef Einat Admony and Anita Lo from Annisa. The meal costs $181, gratuity included, and you get cozy at one huge table with the rest of the guests. Now that’s the right spirit! For your meal, enjoy beef brisket served with harissa and red dates, duck soup with matzo balls and other interesting dishes. Limited tickets are on sale in advance, so buy them soon so you don’t miss out.  For more information for the Balaboosta Passover Seder check their website

A Meal With Performances Included

What better place to attend a Passover Seder than at Jewish restaurant Russ & Daughters Cafe. This restaurant’s celebration happens on April 4 at 7 pm. Tickets cost $175; expect to add the price of drinks and an 18 percent gratuity. Tickets are on sale early, so be sure to plan ahead! Along with your meal and company, you can enjoy a performance by Laurie Anderson at this Passover Seder. Part of your ticket price will go to the Educational Alliance charity.  For contact information for Russ & Daughters check out their website

A Traditional Kosher Meal

You can even enjoy a Kosher meal at a NYC restaurant when you go to the Passover Seder dinner at Talia’s Steakhouse. Talia’s is having Passover Seder meals on April 3 and 4; you can choose the first sitting at 5:00 pm or the second sitting at 8:00 pm. The meal costs $125.21 with tax, or $81.66 for a child. The menu includes a salad course with the choice between a greens salad or a beet salad, and a soup course with a vegetarian option or traditional matzo ball soup. Enjoy braised beef brisket for the entree, or opt for salmon or chicken instead. You also get a dessert course, with the choice of fruit or cake. We know which one we’ll be picking!  For more information on Talia’s Steakhouse Passover Seder options check out their website.

Since these Passover Seder meals happen on different dates, you can attend more than one or try one in addition to your own family’s meal. Let us know in the comments if you plan to go or if you know of another New York City Passover Seder dinner you can share with our other readers.

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